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WTF Penn State?!?!?!


I know this has been discussed a little bit in the College Football 2011 Thread but I thought it deserved its own thread.

For all of you who are not familiar with the breaking scandal:

Jerry Sandusky is a former Penn State Football coach. He was part of a foundation called "The Second Mile" that was designed to help under privileged youth and he used that foundation as a way to take advantage of young boys.

Jerry Sandusky was caught sexually abusing young boys on more than one occasion IN THE PENN STATE FOOTBALL FACILITIES!

The Athletic Department covered it up and did not report it to the Authorities. Legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was told about it, reported it to the Athletic Director and left it at that.

So far 9 boys have forth and said that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused them over the course of 15 years.


Here is a copy of the Grand Jury Presentment. There are some VERY DISTURBING things listed in the report... it details quite a bit of disturbing details.


Penn State has held press conferences every tuesday for the past 46 years and conveniently canceled their press conference that was scheduled for this morning and Joe Paterno said he "had no idea why."

Personally I cannot believe it. This has got to be the most shocking sports related story since the OJ trial.

I am absolutely disgusted by this whole story. Just wanted to get your thoughts and feelings about this whole thing?


You know mine from the Football thread.

I just need about 5 minutes alone with Sandusky and I could save the Tax payers a bunch of money.


JoePa shoulda called Sandusky into a coaches meeting and then told Sandusky to shut the door. When Sandusky turned back around from closing the door he should have been greeted with a savage right cross.

The day that he found out, JoePa shoulda kicked Sanduskys ass in the office and fired him on the spot/called the cops. Cant believe he wouldnt report it to the police... the guys is a father himself and kept working side by side with a pedo and let him use their facilities after he was no longer coaching there... WTF?!?!?!


Good take on it here.


Just fucking disgusting.


I'm glad you started this thread Greg.


Well JoePa is like 800 years old, so him hitting anyone would do nothing, be like getting hit with a fart.


^^The first time it happened was in 1998... He was only 787 then.


I cant find out how Sandusky got caught. Im talking about now, like how did the police find out now, in 2011

Did one of the victims come forward? Did a bunch of them do it together?


8 came forward originally, and now since the indictments from the grand jury, 3 additional have talked to the state prosecutor.


Here is a timeline:


One of the victims finally came forward and initiated a police investigation that has been ongoing for a couple years, apparently.

The grand jury convened last year, I think? I'm surprised that word of this hadn't leaked out before now. The totality of this coming out all at once is stunning.



Regardless of how many come actually forward, I feel like there are way more than 11 victims.


My heart goes out to every parent, counselor, teacher, and principal who saw a troubled kid in school with promise and opened the door for them to be a part of Second Mile.

I mean, a division 1 football coach who runs a charity to basically pipeline young men/boys onto his front porch to satiate his own deviancy? It's unsettling. Not unlike watching that "Deliver Us from Evil" documentary about Priests.


I am sure there many additional victims for every one that has come forward.


This became an issue AGAIN at the end of 09 when the former Grad Assistant and the parents of one of the victims brought attention to it again because Sandusky, who had eleminated his day to day duties at the Second Mile foundation ( where he basically used this as a front to stalk his victims), was still having contact with kids at some of the functions.

The biggest crime is that this was initially investigated in 1998.......Fucking 1998 and it was deemed that it was an isolated incident and Sandusky agreed he "wouldn't shower naked and hug underage boys in the shower".......after that at least 2 parents had issues with Sandusky (one confronted him on showering with her son and the other listened into a sex landed and threatening phone call with Sandusky and the child) and at least 2 janitorial staff members and one grad assistant provided EYE WITNESS accounts of him either having anal sex, giving the kid a BJ, and/or wrestling with a boy in the shower!.........and as of last week Sandusky was still having contact with kids at functions and had access to PSU facilities!

I mean you talk about people turning a blind eye!........my only thing other than my disgust for Sandusky and the PSU administration is that the parents of those who confronted Sandusky maybe could have done more, but it looks like they saw they were not going to get a break so they went on.............

Fucking disgusting and shows why so many impoverished youths never say anything.......in their eyes it only leads to more abuse..............


Good Point Ulty

This is where modern media does it's job, I believe. Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but when a media shitstorm swoops on a story like this with this type of fury only 4 days after the original story broke? The offender is ruined, those who were culpable are stepping down, and probably what's most important is that not another little kid is going to be molested by this motherfucker.


This is the worst thing I've ever seen/read about in college football. My team is actually playing at Penn State this weekend and should have been a great game, but right now I can't even think of a reason to watch it or be interested.

Scandals in college football (NCAA violations or player malfeasance usually) are frequent and widespread, and I usually observe them as part of the theater and politics that make college football so fascinating. But this is different. It's beyond horrible.


He was caught once by a Janitor in 1998 making a kid give him oral sex.

He was caught once by an undergrad in 2002 having anal sex with a 10 year old in the locker room showers after hours.

A victim came forward and reported it recently

Total sicko scum bag.

EDIT: I see it was already answered.


Paterno AND the graduate assistant should have both gone to the police.....just passing the buck up the line when a 50 year old man is fucking a 10 year old boy the locker room shower. IS FUCKED UP....repeat there is NO excuse for this.

Additionally the Grad assistant (former QB at Penn State, his father who he called directly after was an assistant coach) should have grabbed the kid and knocked that old pedo the fuck out.


I think there is more shame involved when in involves males (not saying there is none when girls are involved but culturally it is dealt with differently). For those who know and for those who experience it. I cannot imagine too many parents want to see their boy on the front page about being a victim.

I imagine there are many more victims.

Edit: more to say

How surprising is it to hear a player or coach was abusive to a women? Compare that surprise to this story. That's my point. Once this Sandansky got by with it once the level of shame and culpablity involved everyone and it would be public. Most of time something about a player abusing a co-ed the school has kicked him off the team before the news breaks.

Of course, not always the case. A basketball player at Syracuse punch a female student when she asked him to stop sitting on her car. All that happened to him in the end was a dropping of charges and missed a couple of practices.


Not just sandusky...all of them are just as guilty. Alerting the AD? That's it? Fuck that you go straight to the cops .

All involved except for the kids are scum