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WTF, No Suit Fits!


A few weeks a go I was in quest of a nice suit...a power suit sort of thing. Went to all kinds of stores from $300 suits to $1500 suits and NOTHING looked great. Some of the expensive ones looked good, but NOT GREAT. The main problem is that for the suits to be cut to dimensions (so that there isn't loose cloth flying around like I'm wearing a garbage bag) my V-taper gets accentuated and I think I look retard like too much of a triangle for upper body.

(Note, it's not because my legs are too small, I have enough problems not being able to fit into pants because of quad size. What's too small is my waist/hips I think.)

So here's the thing, I think my V-taper looks fine for normal clothing but a suit (with their shoulder pads and all) are meant to accentuate and magnify a person's shoulder width making my V-taper look like it's too much. It's like suits are meant for big bellied CEO's or stick figures so that the shoulder pads make them look better.

Because here on T-Nation there are so many more people with a V-taper, I wanted to ask you guys where do you go to buy a power suit? Which brands fits well and looks good on you? While you are at it, can you also say where you buy normal clothing? Too often I can't buy normal clothing cuz the chest is too tight while the belly area is already a sail flapping around.

Today's article "On Matters of Douchebaggery" reminded me to ask this question on here.


Are you tucking the jacket into the pants?!?
Arnold always looked awesome in a suit. Naturally you'll need to get the thing tailored a bit, but do you really have that kind of a taper at 178lbs? What's you waist?


Go to a tailor. If you don't have an "off the rack" physique (reminiscent to Spongebob Squarepants) then you will have little luck with an off the rack suit.

You can get a nice tailored suit for well under $1500


Ah, it's been awhile since we've had a "clothes don't fit" thread.


What would Chuck Norris do?

He wouldn't bitch about his total awesomeness.


My waist is 31" with still some fat to spare. I forgot my shoulder/chest measurements so I'll get back to you on that. You're right, Arnold looks good in a suit and he looks big. At the stores what they do is pull in the fabric (or pin it down from the back) to show you what it looks like if the pinned area was tailored away. It should look pretty close to what it looks like after tailoring, at least from the front (the back looks like you got stabbed with pins). If they don't pull in the fabric, it looks like an unfitted suit hanging loosely at the waist. If they pull it in, it look like I have a disproportionate shoulder to waist ratio.


sorry i've been maintaining at 205 for a while.

i'll just sit back and let BEG and SH attack this guy with the fury of robert e. lee.


And then he would give me a nice serving of round house kick


I dunno, that is definitely a waist to be happy with, but I'm only an inch bigger on the waist and I'm 210lbs. Suits always make me feel like "da man". Maybe your just being self-conscious. Bring someone with you next time. GF won't lie to you, because if you look poncy it makes her look bad, but if it really does show off a nice taper she'll be delighted.


I did bring the GF. She thinks it's too much tapering in a suit too.


i went to Men's Wearhouse the other day, just looking for some formal stuff. all the jackets were really snug around my arms so i ended up just going with a vest which is cool cause my arms are fine in that, but the under shirts will still probaly be a bitch.


178lbs but can't find suits that fit?



Is she a tailor?

Unless you are 5 foot 3 the internet wants its extra space back.


Frankly, i'm amazed that you're not getting fried for this post.....


Dude, you're five foot ten and 178 pounds!! I don't understand why you're finding it THAT difficult to find a suit that fits!!

Get it tailored, then buy the fucker!! THE END!!



Dude, at 178 your bitching about suits? Good luck!

I'm 250, I can tell you, it sucks. I don't know what actual big people do. I am really picky about clothes but I'll let you in on a little secret. Go to Kohls. I can get a size 50 long jacket, 36 pant, go to a tailor and have a really nice looking suit for under $400.



It costs you 1500 bucks to get a tailored suit? WTF kind of suits are you wearing?


Double post......ugh.

To summarize:



athletic cut.

edit: I didnâ??t realize you were 178. Go eat and get back to me in 40-50 pounds.


class of 2009 strikes again


Shit, these fuckers post one of these once every other week. NONE of them have actually been big yet (as in needing a Big and Tall shop) so every thread like this is like really bad comedy. You just want to throw shit at them...or get a hobo in a clown outfit to dance them off while everyone boos.