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WTF King Kamali

Nich that(second video) looks like the Ironman from a few months ago… we are talking about the Atlantic City Pro from over the weekend.

what about that tareck elsetoui (sp?) guy?

I think he could have easily beat kamali and he isn’t even top 10?

I just love the judges sometimes and have 3 2nd place damn trophies (coulda/shoulda been 1st) to prove how much I love the judges!!! lol jk sorry for that lil rant.

Kamali’s routine was weird and boring. He thinks he is great but in reality not so much. lol


I’m surprised he took 6th. He’s never really been very good as a pro BBer, only landing in the mags because he talks so much crap. I can’t understand why he’s still even in the occasssional ad.