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WTF is WRONG with Sweden...


WTF is this?

Is this seriously what Scandanavian governments spend their money on?
Has the world gone crazy?


Not only is this from a comedy show, I also seriously wonder how often you frequent stormfront.org to even be aware of this.




This video has been posted on HuffBlog, too. (Huffington Post)

About the video and Swedish politically correct hysteria to include "people of color": Apparently , in the year 2011, Swedes are still supposed to find black people exotic. Older Swedes may think this "comedy" takes a piss on their heritage, which it does.

But no harm was really done. Post-war values of multiculturalism will prevail over any nationalism that may exist in Scandinavian countries.


This was funny hahah. It never hurts to mix it up LOL.