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WTF is Wrong with SRO (RPG)



Not only is that retarded, but, when I recently tried to install the game FROM the website, the installer had "please wait" for about 15 minutes, then, told me that I need to WAIT, YES WAIT, till the Legend 4.5 Update comes out.

Pffft, and, now reading that forum I realize how much of a waste that game would be.


theres likes a million better games out anyways.


I remember playing SRO for a bit a long time ago...was a pretty fun game with a cool concept but the grind to level was RIDICULOUS, which I am not a fan of.


Ohh well, I guess Cabal will suffice

Or maybe I should switch back to COD4 lmfao


Don;t you have school, or work, or something?


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Being grounded sucks (no school until September for me)


try runes of magic or the chronicles of spellborn. both free and decent games.


You're grounded, but you have the internet?

When I was grounded, I sat in my room with no tv, no phone, no internet, no anything. My mother would bring me my meals on a TV tray, and I sat and ate by myself.

Pussy little pricks these days.