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WTF Is Wrong with My Body?

Hi everyone, I’m working on getting myself back to normal after years of constant pain at only 22. I’m working on figuring out if it has to due with my anadrol 50 cycle or something else. Long story short when I was 18 I took anadrol 50 for 4 weeks. For all I know it could’ve been some other steroid but I got huge in a short amount of time. About a year after the anadrol cycle injuries started. Crazy Injuries. Walking and breaking small bones in both ankles, shoulder pain (double rotator cuff tears) and double hip and groin surgery.

First off I’m wondering what kind of blood work I should make sure to look for that could be causing this and secondly if there’s any supplements that you guys recommend to help reduce this pain? Ive heard tumeric? my other question is if anadrol changed something in me hormonally that is causing all these injuries?

Could the anadrol cycle have caused damage that I can reverse? Something internally is potentially wrong? I can’t even sit and play video games because of my shoulder pain. I gave up my pro contract but not even being able to play video games is a whole other thing. Here’s my blood work, is there anything I’m missing that could be causing these injuries?

If the anadrol is not causing this full body pain in ankles hip shoulders groins and abs what is going on? Could it be lyme disease? Does anyone have any ideas? I have a very clean diet and take tumeric and MSM. Please offer suggestions.

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