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WTF Is Wrong With My Arm?!

So heres the story: About 2 weeks ago did a 250 mg test injection into my left delt. I used good injection procedure, fresh needle and syringe, cleaned vial and injection site with alcohol and washed my hands before I did it. About 2 days after the injection I noticed a small bruise in the middle of my arm and didn’t really think much about it.

However, now 2 weeks later the area from the bottom of my delt to my elbow is really inflammed and I have swelling down to about mid forearm. For the past 4 days I’ve been using hot/ cold compresses about 3 times daily and I just started an antibiotic we had laying around the house. It seems to be getting better and worse at the same time though.

At first my bicep was crazy swollen and then yesterday my bicep was better but now my tricep became inflammed and swollen. I know its not an abscess b/c I have no lump or anything, but I’m thinking it’s some kind of infection? idk why it would have gotten infected though… Anyone else had this issue? I could use some help here. I really hope my body can fight it off ><

This isn’t WebMD. Go see a doctor before something worse comes from this, seriously. Your product may be contaminated, or you could be one of the few peole with an allergy to the oil in the compound.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
This isn’t WebMD. Go see a doctor before something worse comes from this, seriously. Your product may be contaminated, or you could be one of the few peole with an allergy to the oil in the compound.[/quote]

Agreed, get to a dr. today. You feel like losing that arm?

Do you have a fever? Should you body be fighting off an infection you should have a fever at least to some extent.

nah no fever, I feel completely fine other then some pain in my arm. Its so wierd b/c the injection site is completely fine, every other injection has been completely fine, and my arm doesn’t even rly hurt except the swelling is uncomfortable. There’s no lump, so its not an abscess, so I’m just trying to figure out if its serious enough for me to consult a doctor.

I think for now though, I’m just gonna stop the injections until I figure out wtf is goin on. But Yah im gonna give it a few more days, my dads a doc so he can help me out. Its just the fact that I’d have to tell him im juicing, which wouldn’t go over well lol

How old are you?

haha figured some1 would ask this. Im 18, i Know you will say thats too youn, but oh well.

While we are at it… Height? Weight? Years training? Weight gain in those years (naturally)? Cycle #? Calories per day? Reason for not going to the doctor NOW?

I just took a gander at your profile, unless you are a freak of genetics… when the hell did you start juicing? 16? Because if 240lbs and 12% BF is accurate, then you are at 211 LBM. 211 LBM at 18 seems unreasonably high. Very unreasonably high.

Nah this is my first cycle, I was just able to put on weight very easily. Went from 160-240 in 4 years totally natural, my dads side of the family is really big and athletic so thats probably who I got it from. As for calories idk, I just eat 6 times a day high protein/medium carbs and drink 24 glasses of skim milk along with 120g’s of protein daily in shakes.

As for not seeing a doctor now, I seem to be improving somewhat, but if it worsens at all Il def say something. And this is my first cycle btw, been wanting to compete early so after i built a good natural base I decided it was time to get to that next level. Lets just hope I didn’t get fucked over haha

I’d definitely see a doctor, ASAP.

And you’re too young to be using.

Get that checked out, better safe than sorry bro that’s an appendage you’re talking about.

That is not a common side!

Time to go to med-check or sit pops down and tell him what ya did.

[quote]Thewannabe wrote:
While we are at it… Height? Weight? Years training? Weight gain in those years (naturally)? Cycle #? Calories per day? Reason for not going to the doctor NOW?[/quote]

As someone with no experience of using AAS, and who does not even posess the knowledge to put to together a suitable first cycle, I am wondering why you are suddenly chiming in on almost every post in this forum asking standard questions and repeating what others have said?

This guys Hieght weight and years training are really not relevant to the question he has asked.

well heres todays update:

Redness has def gone down a lot, although the swelling is the same. Like I said, as soon as it worsens in the slightest il talk to my dad. It’s just difficult to make that decision >< im sure he’d tell my mom and she’d start crying and afterwards tell all her girlfriends what happened lol.

I got a question. Do you think after this side effect I should ditch my gear or was I just unlucky? Every injection has been totatally fine except for one other time when my thigh got rly red and painful for 6 days after I injected it. Except for these 2 I have had no complications what so ever. Appreciate the input, thx guys.

Yes I’d ditch your gear until the next election year, 2012.

Are you not listening?

You asked for advice, the advice you got from everybody was ‘go see a doctor now’ and you still haven’t, so whats the point in advising you further if you do not listen to advice.

Um I a am listening to advice, my dad gets home monday, Which is when I will speak to him. until then Im trying to convince myself that I’l be ok until he returns from his business trip lol. So trust me Il see a doc, Im not dumb. So yes, thank you for the advice, I will see a doctor. He has injectable antibiotics here, which is probably what I need, so I just gotta wait for him to get back.

haha thanks for the input sapasion

If your so worried about your dad knowing why don’t you go to the doctor your damn self. I’m 18 too…you’ll survive a doctors trip by yourself. I’m sure you have some kind of insurance if your dad is a professional in the field.

If your old enough to inject hormones into yourself your old enough to see a physician without mommy and daddy present. And if you got enough money to buy gear, you got enough money for a check-up. Stop being a fucktard. (Mean’t in the absolute nicest way possible of course.)

Yea, putting your age aside, you’ve got to get it checked out. How long have you been on? I couldn’t find that info in your original post. Reason I ask is, you said other injections have gone fine, but this one got was the problem.

If you’ve done 8 injections thus far, and only 1 was a problem, then I’m not really sure that you have a bad batch of gear. Otherwise, it seems logical to assume you would have had problems with other injections as well.

Well see GetSwole, my dad is MY doctor, So Id have to find a practicing physician make an appointment do paper work etc, which could take up to 2 weeks. and im def not waiting that long. Talked to my mom today and apparently hes actually coming home tonight, so Il let you guys know how it goes haha.

tico, Im about 2 1/2 weeks in, but I havent injected since this came up. Done a total of 5 injections, including this one.