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wtf is with wrong w/ me?

i just did a 4 wk cycle w/ 1 1/2cc trenbolone ed - i gained 15 - 20 lbs. i thought this was some pretty damn good progress for tren only - anyhow - when i started the cycle all of my acne and dry skin completely cleared up. I mean gone- none - now that i’ve come off, my whole fuckin face is broke out- bad. Am i missing some kinda vitamin or what? i though you were supposed to get acne whilst on the freakin cycle - not when ya come off - i’m still sittin on a 100 tabs of d-bol but i’m afraid to do it cuz i still dont have any clomid. any help would be much appreciated


i have broken out post cycle, not nearly as bad as you describe but post cycle break out is not out of the ordinary. why would you do a tren only cycle with no clomid, maybe you didn’t know it but tren is something like 3 times as suppressive as test if i’m not mistaken.

I never breakout during cycles either. It is after the cycle is over and I am starting clomid that I have to watch out. Best advice I can give is to be extra diligent in scrubbing your skin during the entire cycle- prevent those pores from blocking up to begin with. I use an exfoliator, and 3 different acne washes containing everything from peroxide, salicylic acid, to tea tree oil. wash at least 2-3 times daily.

I find this too… I don’t know why!

Just out of interest, do most people use tren from one of those kits Brock Strasser was always on about, or do you get pharmaceutical grade?

most people around here make their own tren. it is so much cheaper, and you can make it whatever strength you like.

that’s better - at least it’s not just me. I’ve been taking vitex post-cycle cause thats all i’ve got. The problem w/ clomid is that i can’t find anyone around this shitty small town that sells or even knows what it is! therefore i gotz to order off the net and i’m weary of ordering prescriptions off the net. As far as tren goes - order it off the net ( it’s non-prescription) and use a conversion kit. I read somewhere not to bake the shit - so i put in water at a steady 170 degrees or so. good times - lol