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WTF is With Hi-Tech Supplements?

Has anyone seen the “magazine” that Hi-tech supplements puts out? What is the deal with these guys, they actually named their supplements Dianabol, anavar, and other drug names. Not to mention they are advertising the return of Re-Nutrient, which was the GHB “supplement” back when GHB was actaully an OTC supplement?

Isn’t this highly illegal? I had never made the connection unitl i saw their ad, but some guy about 1 year ago told me at the gym he had bought some 600mg dianabol, at which i had to laugh, then i see this rag-azine and they actually have a 600mg herbal product called dianabol. I wonder how many kids bought this stuff?

They can call it anything they like to sucker people, so long as there is nothing in it that is remotely steroidal.

Holy shit I thought I was the only one to ever witness that crap. I came across it like 3 weeks ago on the web while doin a search. I had to do a double take cause they were selling a dianabol/anavar/NO-Xplode stack. Probably made a boat load of cash from all the suckers.

“I got some real gear, it’s true you can buy steroids on the internet”

“Dude don’t hold out gimme that site I’m gonna buy like a 10 year supply”

Frankly I don’t give a shit what people sell. If a consumer is too dumb to research and figure out what he is putting in his body then fuck em. My Problem with this type of business practice is companies like Hi-Tech are going to be the ones who get legit supp makers regulated. The last thing I want is congress rubbing their dirty little paws on my Methoxy-7 before it gets to my door. All it is going to take is some jackass politician’s kid to order some fake d-bol and they will make it harder and harder for legit companies like Biotest to continue to do business and come to market with quality products.

I actually talked to the company, what happened was the original copyright holders of those names never renewed the copyright and they signed them up for their company. Rediculous…

its all copyrights and patents these days…

anyway. my friend tried the anavar product and he was shocked at how well the stuff worked for strength gains.