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WTF Is My Friend Doing?


Hello guys, I’m 18 years old, and my friend who I would always compete both size and strenght wise (I was always way stronger) yesterday just told he has been on a cycle for a week, How do I convince him that it’s not the right moment to take juice anyways these are the drugs he’s taking, I’ll ask him later about the quantities he uses:

Testosterone, he has two kinds, both injectables
Oral winstrol
Oral dianabol
Clomid as PCT

Btw, he tried to kill himself a few times when he was younger because he was fat, he still looks like crap. He claims that he has a base (Training seriously for only a year) and he hasn’t filled in yet. He weights around 160-165 but around 13-15 BFpercentage.


He needs lab work. May be able to find a cause and fix that.

AST/ALT - not when training hard.

But can do labs now.


give it 4 weeks your friend’ll be mad swole, and you’ll be super jelly


hey man,

first off, glad you brought this over to this section. I was going to suggest that, and forgot to.

I have a few thoughts about this type of situation. It’s definitely something that comes up fairly regularly.
As I suggested in your other thread, if your friend isn’t training or eating well, his gains will only be mildly enhanced, regardless of what doses he’s using . And he certainly won’t be able to retain them when he comes off the drugs. The best advice he could possibly receive is to get his training and diet in order, for 5-10 years, in my opinion, and then reconsider this path.

THAT BEING SAID… here’s what’s more likely to happen. Everyone around your friend will tell him this is a bad idea, but he’ll do it anyway. He’ll see some results from his first cycle, but he’ll lose all of his gains during PCT, and he’ll be back at his starting point. So he’ll run another cycle, probably with an added drug, or higher dosing. Then he’ll do another. He’ll keep doing this, he’ll never be happy with himself, and he’ll always be looking for shortcuts. He’ll likely stop doing PCT early on, and just stay on the drugs for the rest of his life, because he can’t deal with the time off of them. He’ll feel shitty, depressed, and decide that the only way he can feel normal is when he’s on drugs.

Sorry if this sounds fairly grim, but we’ve seen it so many times in these threads. It’s a bummer. I hope that’s not what happens. Do what you can to convince your friend not to start.


I had no idea that you lose gains during pct, is it too bad? I’m telling you he paid only 260 dollars for a ten week cycle. We talked this afternoon, he has gained 6 pounds in a week, so he is not going to leave them. I live in Argentina but he is an exchange student from Sacramento, California, so I could just tell his host parents (His host dad is my dad’s close friend) but he would be sent back to Cali. I mean, according to the Rotary Club rules we can’t use drugs, I smoked some pot while I was living in Canada (The best ever btw) but it wasn’t this serious. That’s why this is also a moral dilemma for me. Because it would be better for him to stop fucking around with juice at the age of 18 but on the other hand I would ruin his exchange.

Man, also thank you for taking the time to give a kid advice.


Don’t tell his parents. He’s 18, it’s his decision.

The 6 lbs he’s gained is water weight. Dbol makes you retain 5-10 lbs of extra water, within the first couple weeks of use. The weight goes away shortly after the cycle ends.

Not everyone loses gains in PCT. People who know what they’re doing can keep their gains for awhile. But you said your friend doesn’t know what he’s doing, and I believe that. We see this all the time on these forums, kids making ‘great gains’ on their first cycle, and then they’re back where they started 2 months later. I’m sure if you read through some older threads on here you could find examples. Or worse, they don’t recover properly from their cycle, AND they lose their gains. It can get pretty bad.

There are a couple threads on this forum, started by KSMan and CycoBushmaster, that have very good information on PCT. search for these, and get your friend to read them. PCT is where steroid users make the biggest mistakes, because so much of the information they find online is wrong.


I’ll show them to my friend without hesitating