wtf is going on?

Louden Swain hit the proverbial nail on the head!!!

well that’s the problem it’s a business. and actors shouldn’t make that much either, thats another good example $12 to get in each, $5 popcorn, next thing u know its $50 for two to see a movie. football is probably the worst, you cant take a family of 4 with out spending at least $200 on tix alone.

I have no problem with an owner doing what ever it takes to win. I’m looking at all of the owners and the commisioner and even the players. I can’t stand the fact that it is alright with 90% of the owners that they will never be able to field a competitive team. I don’t like the fact the commisioner doesn’t care about what would be best for the league. I don’t like the fact that 90% of the players would rather A Rod make $25 million a year than they themselves have a shot at the World Series. I wish Ronnie Lott would go around and kick each and every one of them in the nads with his four-toed foot.

Baseball players make way too much money. Baseball is the least physical of sports and features the weakest of athletes. Theres no way a baseball player should be making more than a million dollars for standing around most of the game. Its a lazy mans sport, and it is the most boring sport there is. Id rather watch tennis. Salary cap, no salary cap. A more competitive league. More parity. It wont matter, baseball is boring and I personally wont watch it no matter what improvements the league makes. Im given free tickets from clients all the time for some really good seats at a baseball game, but I wont go, Id rather watch paint dry. Those are my 2 cents, I know a lot of people are gonna snap, but I dont care.

D-Lo clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. George Steinbrenner, Bud Selig, or even George Bush have nothing to do with the existence of the salary cap.
Major League Baseball went to court over this. It was ruled that they, unlike every other sport, are allowed to be a monopoly. So if a salary cap were introduced, it would threaten their right to be a monopoly.
Inform yourself before you talk.

tony, step in the batters box with the big unit on the mound. we’ll see what you say then about the game not being physical.

Tony, I’ll bet serious $$ that you don’t have the athletic ability to play baseball.

My athletic ability is far too advanced to participate in a sport where it will not be used. I play football. Football where the real athletes are. No matter how much you like baseball, I dont think you can argue that baseball is more physically demanding than football.

And yes, Randy Johnson is one bad ass mother fucker with one hell of a fastball, but lets see him go head on with Ray Lewis, he would get eaten. I know a lot of you like baseball and thats fine, maybe im in the minority, but I think it is very boring.

obviously randy johnson couldnt compete with ray lewis on the football field but there is a lot of guys that could. guys like bonds, sosa, vlad, these are all great athletes. there are a lot of baseball players that have the athletic ability and skill to play football or basketball. a lot of them did it at the college level. i highly doubt there is a single football or basketball player (remember jordan) that could even make contact with a pitch from the unit, pedro, or schmidt.

obviously you dont have to be a great athlete to play baseball, but most of the best players are. regardless of what anyones opinion is of baseball the fact is that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.

You have to be an exceptional athlete to play major league baseball.

“hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.”

Amen, except for trying to control that draw on a tight dogleg.

I dont care about how hard it is to hit a fastball, I cant get into baseball, sorry.

Ronnie Lott has a four toed foot??? Now that’s interesting…

“hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.”
I HATE THAT STATEMENT!!! IT’S APPLES AND ORANGES!!! HITTING THE BALL ISN’T HARD- IT’S HITTING THE BALL SO THAT NONE OF THE 9 GUYS ON THE OTHER TEAM CATCH IT/THROW YOU OUT THAT MAKES IT HARD. Sorry for the caps but that little statement always has gotten me riled up. And I’m a baseball fan. I think I would have a better chance of hitting a Mariano Rivera cutter than I would breaking a Ray Lewis tackle, tackling Clinton Portis in the open field (or Dante Hall),guarding Iverson or driving past Ron Artest, out-jabbing Floyd Mayweather, returning a Roddick serve, running a 4 minute mile, run a 10 sec 100 meters, and the list goes on. Just my opinion but I cannot stand that typical baseball rhetoric…“hardest thing to do in sports”…yeah, whatever.

“actually goldberg contrary to popular belief that yankees have built the core of that team through their farm system. posada, jeter, soriano, rivera etc…”

while not technically “free-agents”…guys like soriano, rivera, etc. were SIGNED out of high school, the dominican, japan, etc. you think other teams didnt know soriano existed? they did, they just couldnt afford to pay for the signing bonus he would command.

and teams wont draft players they cant sign.

uhh louden are you serious? the best players in the game cant hit a rivera cut fastball but you can? get real dude. i dont give a shit if there was no one on the field except rivera himself, it is stil the hardest thing to do. the funny part is no one can hit rivera and the cutter is basically all he throws.

Nobody wanted Soriano: not even the Japanese minor leagues.

thats really incorrect…

soriano played PROFESSIONAL ball in japan and the yanks gave him boatloads of money to come here.

3x i have to disagree with you. maybe other teams new about soriano and other young players, but the yanks got them because they know hot to evaluate talent. the red sox, braves, dodgers and a few others have spent nearly as much money over the last few seasons as the yankees have. however (until this season) the yankees spend that money on players that help them win. they dont make dumb ass decisions on players. like the dodgers and red sox have. it is one thing to just blindly spend money, it is another to spend money and get something in return.

you can disagree with me all you want…im still right:-).

seriously, ill say it again, EVERYBODY knew about soriano and how good he was. the kansas city royals for example cant afford to risk a 15 million dollar signing bonus on an unknown commodity…whereas for the yanks, if it doesnt work out, its no big deal (see drew henson), they move on to the next an. again, soriano, rivera and even many of their drafts picks were essentially free agents who simply went to the highest bidder (the yanks).

and you cant compare the yankees with other big-money teams. while the dodgers and the mets and the like have large payrolls, they PALE in comparison to the yankees. the yankees salary cap is in another stratosphere. and, its real easy to make “good” decisions when you have the first crack at every free agent available. you can knock teams like the mets all you want (and deservedly so), but theyre selecting from a pool of second-tier free agents. yankees consistently get the creme de la creme year after year. mussina, giambi, etc. were all players that other big-money teams wanted, but were no way capable of competing with the yanks for their services. how could you call these moves “smart” or applaud the yanks for “recogognizing talent”…when every other fuckin team in the league woulda picked up giambi or mussina in a heartbeat!

and lets not forget, the yanks have picked up plenty of shitty players in recent years, we just tend to quickly forget about them because as soon as the player turns out to be a bust, they cut or trade the player, pay their remaining salary and then go out and pick some other high-priced player up. again, a team like the KC royals cannot spend money so haphazardly as a player who busts would set them back ions.

the yankees can eat a dick as far as im concerned.