wtf is going on?

the Yankees sign kevin brown, javier vasquez, and gary sheffield! something is seriously wrong. these are 3 of the best players in the game. wtf?

The Yankees don’t have a chance next year. The Red Sox will stomp them and everyone else in the league. Its going to be fun watching Joe “Throw as much money at players as possible to win until they put a salary cap on the game and make it fair” Steinbrenner.

where have you been? Theyve been doing this every year for the past ten years.

Baseball sucks. I don’t get how anyone can watch it until there is a salary cap in place.

And they offered Vladimir Guerroro a contract, wtf.

Bro, not to parrot Goldberg, but that happens every year.

actually goldberg contrary to popular belief that yankees have built the core of that team through their farm system. posada, jeter, soriano, rivera etc…

yes they have spent some serious cash on free agents such as giambi, but this is way out of control. this is steinbrenner sticking his nose where it doesnt belong and taking over the GM duties.

and as far as the red sox go, i think they are gonna be awesome and i thought they would run away with it. however i think the yanks rotation with vasquez and brown is much better than pettite and clemens of last year.

schilling and pedro both have recent histories of injury. that is my only concern for them. well, that and the fact that they are the yankees bitch!

they do it every year. they went and got clemens, giambi, they always went and got free agents during the season. they always spend every dime they have.

‘Joe “Throw as much money at players as possible to win until they put a salary cap on the game and make it fair” Steinbrenner’

who’s joe steinbrenner? and if you had the money and owned a professional baseball team don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same. sports are a business, winning teams attract more fans, sponsers and the like. anything to win

Whatever happened to unbridled capitalism and “let’s not penalize rich people for being rich”?

Now all of a sudden you want to rig the market so everyone has the same spending limits, my how communistic of you.

I’m just teasing you, ya whiners…

"Whatever happened to unbridled capitalism and “let’s not penalize rich people for being rich”? " yeah and it’s coming out of joes pocket?lmao
this is why you pay $40 for a ticket, $6 for a hotdog and $10 for a 14 once beer. ban agents, cap everyone to 1 mil and if you don’t like it get a real job making 40k a year. life will go on with ot with out baseball. btw they should do this to all major sports.

I read that baseball stadiums have been losing fans steadily for over a decade. Can anyone confirm this?

It seems that the game has seen better days.

zeb just go to an A’s

That’s my point. He’s a a-hole and continually buys Selig blowjobs to keep a salary cap out of the game that would even the playing field. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if the players don’t want a salary cap because they are a bunch of whining ingrates who make too much money as it is. Its like this; Baseball is a big business, a corporation. In what other corporations do you see the employees taking a cut of the profits? They aren’t special… It would have been way better if they just fucked themselves out of a job. I’m sure there’s probably only a few more strikes and other nonsense before people just give up. I don’t really want to pay $25 to watch a bunch of whiney J-Lo impersonators throw a fucking ball around.


there is no salary cap in MLB but there is a luxury tax which Steinbrenner gladly pays. he works within the system and who can blame him. he owns the team and he wants to win. You cannot say that about most of the owners in the league. Most owners attempt to keep payroll down so they can fatten their own pockets. Thats the REAL problem with baseball. If more owners really wanted to field a competitive team they could. As far as athletes making too much money, I disagree. If the athletes shouldn’t receive the $ then who should?? The sports (baseball,football,basketball,whatever) generate a ton of cash because all of us watch and love the games. Of course the athletes deserve the loot.they have the talent, they get the money. We’re gladly giving it away. Look at the movie business, there isn’t a bigger group of idiots than actors/actresses. Yet they make 5,10 or 20 million a movie. For acting ?? C’mon, now thats a joke.

a cap wont change the fact that teams like oakland, pittsburgh, and milwaukee do not spend money in order to field a competitive team.

also, last i checked you can get tickets to any game for 10$ or less. you can go to a baseball game cheaper than you can go to the freaken movies. granted you wont be in the best of seats but you can still get in.

yes we need a cap, but we also need a minimum. it is time that owners that are in the business simply to make money get the fuck out! if your goal is not winning, then dont buy a team!

i dont like the fact that teams like the yankees seem to have a monopoly on the free agent market. however i cant disagree with steinbrenner doing whatever it takes to win.

I don’t think a salary cap is an answer. I’m all for a free market economy (including baseball). Someone is paying their salaries. I’d guess its fans that show up for the games. The same fans that spend 7 dollars for a lite beer, 25 dollars for a fitted hat, 5 dollars for a program, 10 dollars for parking.

Rather than spending 10 bucks for the cheap seats, why not go to a minor league game? They’re fun too!

if there is a cap, teams like oakland will be spending the same amount of money they are spending now. and since obviously we know how to spend what little money we do, we would dominate teams like the yanks who would probably have 3 players if they were forced to spend oakland type cash. shit we beat them now. who the hell wants to spend 10 bucks on a seat where you need a fuckin hubble telescope to see the game? no one! that’s why no one goes. i go on the dolla wednesdays, get a tix for a buck and since they are such shitty seats we go watch the game in the bar, get to watch it on tv and i’m still at the

mdog your living in dreamland. oh oh dreeeeeeeeeeeeam weaver.

if there is a cap it wil be set a hell of a lot higher than the 30 mil that oakland spends on an annual basis. my guess would be in the 70-80 range.

whats wrong with 30 mill? no one should make more than 1 mill per year. let big $$ come from endorcements.