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I'm a non american hence I'm at a loss as to what a "HOSS" is??? Can someone enlighten me please?


In what context is it used?


That pic is a Boss Hoss.

You may be asking about a slang-type version of HORSE which would probably mean BIG, STRONG MAN?


Try www.urbandictionary.com


I've heard it used as describing a big guy, in the same way you would say 'he is a beast'.
I know Hoss was a character from an old show Bananza, and I believe the term comes from a farm animal.


Behold the original HOSS! Uh, he is the one in the middle.


Yes I think thats the one, as in Disc Hoss
Chad "HOSS" Waterbury etc etc.

Thanks guys.You learn something new and pointless every day :wink:


Whoa! a picture of The HOSSfather himself! thanks doc!