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WTF? Honestly?!


Ok, so this looks like 1 step forward, then about 10 steps backwards. Are people really this fucking retarded folks? When are the anthropologists going to chime in here and leave the doctors to their pills?


Could only watch like half. Retarded. Yeah its protein you know that we evolved eating.


Fatass eats plants and start running triathlons. Get's healthier. Yeah, meat is the devil.


Forks are for steaks!


Fork? What's a fork? How do I field dress a deer carcass with one of them? Better than knives are they? I'll look into that. Cheers.


Thats not retarted at all in fact its very truthful the typical american diet is horrible compared to other places in the world .... just check our obesity rates. Other then that i do disagree with not eating any meat proteinn instead of going to that extreme eat lean organic meats not the typical chemicaly enhanced and full of bad fats meats you would pick up at mcds or such


I was just waiting for Jigsaw to jump from somewhere and then... =(


Un. Fucking. Believable.


I have a feeling that guy's quote about Asian countries having no instances of heart disease etc. and not eating meat before they were introduced to the Western diet was taken out of context.


Actually it's taken from a ridiculous study called 'The China Study' that purports to show that casein protein causes/feeds cancer/cancer cells.


I have a few uncles in their 40s and 50s who are obese. None of them EVER eat western food. Homecooked, healthy Chinese dishes with rice, fish, vegetables, chicken and occasional red meat.

They don't get any exercise.

India has some of the highest rates of heart disease on the planet. Last I checked Indian cuisine doesn't have a whole lot of meat, and it's not like my Indian friends (from India) wake up and knock back dairy products.


Wait, wait, wait a damn minute.

This heffa just said she reversed diabetes...meaning she cured what is thought to be an incurable disease.

Someone get the Nobel Prize committee on the phone, WE HAVE A WINNER!

(She gets all of my hate)



This is strange. I never seen something so blatantly stupid and obvious.


Your lack of punctuation alarms me. The typical American "diet" is not horrible compared to the rest of the world at large. Saying, "the rest of the world," implies that our diet is horrible to those who are starving, malnourished, and any number of other things that don't fit into a comparison. What I will grant you is that the typical American indulgence is typically more extreme than other parts of the world, strictly because of the availability of such things.

This video, though, is very obviously a load of porpoise hork. You'll notice there are no endorsements from the AMA or any other major medical association, and further that the big tag line is, "we can turn cancer growth on or off by controlling..." Obviously, that's meant to catch the helpless meat eating masses, like us, by surprise. Unfortunately, I'm willing to be the farm (the dairy, meat-producing farm) that for every example they are willing to give (or openly lie about - thank you to whomever pointed out that diabetes isn't a curable disease) where plant-based dieting saved the world, we could all find equal evidence that balanced, animal-based proteins and fats did the same. It's hippy agenda (apologies in advance to those who take that on the chin) and nothing more.


Chris Shugart said it best. It's nothing more than vegan propaganda. That's just sad, considering I truly believe, like many of you, that embracing the power of food is a HYOOOOGE step in the right direction. This just ain't the way.


You sir, need to learn how to compose a coherent train of though via use of punctuation. Usually, I'm not a Nazi about this sort of thing, but I really could not tell what you were saying here. I believe you are implying that we should eat "lean organic meat" over "fatty chemically enhanced meat?" If you believe it's whether or not meat is organic and how high its fat content is that determine it's quality, then I'm afraid you to have been victim of propaganda somewhere along the road.


you guys can bury me in my golds singlet...I'm going out shredded, brah...


Agreed, but what about the difference in Omega 3:6 ratios in grain fed meats relative to their grass fed/game counterparts?


I watched this with the sound off and I must confess, the food looked good. You know, just like those veg dishes you have together with a nice rump steak...