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WTF? Hip?!?

So the last couple years I’ve been adjusting to changing how I do squats because of calcium growths under the patella. Lots of noise whenever I bend my knees, and a fair bit of pain if I’m not careful. Doesn’t matter if the form’s spot-on – if the IT band is too tight, or the quads are too tight, or the ankle’s being a bitch… bang. Grinding noise and pain.

Whatever. I’ve been working around it. Haven’t been squatting or DLing past the mid-300’s as a result, but there you go. To get that old “worked so hard I want to vomit” feeling I push a truck or a SUV around an empty parking lot once or twice a week.

But today I’m doing some front squats, figuring I’ll shake things up a little. Doing triples, getting good speed – the right knee’s loud, but no pain, so I keep pushing… and bang. My left fucking hip goes apeshit on me. Barely racked the weight. Measly 205. WTF is with that?

Now I can’t so much as sit back without a jolt of pain in the hip and briefly losing strength in my left leg. It’s fine coming back up. It’s fine walking. Up and down stairs are no problem. It’s only at the point when it unlocks as I sit back that it gives me that jolt.

It’s almost literally a pain in the ass. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just about to turn 40. I hate this shit. It doesn’t even feel like I pulled or strained something. No feeling of a tear. Even the joint pain is weird – not the kind I’m used to. Only strikes in a very small portion of the middle of the ROM.

Anybody else run into this kind of thing?

Go to the DR. you need an X-Ray and possible MRI. Could be back, could be hip. I can assess, treat and prescribe medicine however I cant put my hands on you and do a physical. YOU need a Dr to assess. Good luck and keep us posted.


Well I would have to agree with DJHT, I have 4 herniated discs 1 or 2 of which masked themselves partially as hip pain ( almost like a shock or jolt on the left side of my body), recently I had a similar pain which I thought was my back acting up again (and God knows I love a good back surgery) but instead ended up being some loose bodies in the hip joint that required a scope.

To be honest I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two (a bit more radiating pain from the discs but hard to diagnose when you’re a layman like me). It makes no sense to fuck around with it, go see a doctor ASAP, hopefully you just take an unscheduled deload and return pain free and stronger but you always need to err on the side of safety (because you are old :slight_smile: ). Good luck.

Damn you all for making sense.

Thanks, guys. It’s nice to get sensible feedback.