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WTF Have I Done to Myself?

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Slow down. Take a deep breath. Nothing you did ended your life. The only one who can do that now is you. You get to make that choice. Not your incredibly dumb doctor (who made things much much worse by not knowing a single thing about endocrinology), not your dick, and not the steroids. You’re in control. And you’re 17, which means you don’t yet grasp consequences in the way that you will in 10 years. So step back and think things through rationally. Right now you can’t get erections. Ok, that’s bad, but it’s temporary. If you’re dead you will get zero erections. I repeat: dead guys don’t get erections. And they don’t need to. Because they’re dead. Being dead is not a better alternative than your current situation. In fact it’s the sort of thing that most of us try to put off for as long as possible. So be like the rest of us and be alive.

You need to start over. Blood work is only part of the picture here. You need to get a handle on your mental health—which can have an enormous effect on libido—and then run a proper post cycle therapy protocol. It will be unpleasant for a little bit, then it’ll get better.

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Wait, so you told you’re doc about the gear… and the docs answer was

To put you on TRT? You could have probably recovered regardless, it would’ve just taken time.

If you’re contemplating suicide because you haven’t been able to get erections for a few months then you have mental health problems and this needs to be addressed ASAP. You’ve thrown in too many variables to figure out why you can’t get an erection. These POWERFUL hormones have effects on neurotransmitters (Dopamine receptor desensitisation/ downregulation). Stanozolol, in animal models has been shown to decrease serotonin, both of these can cause ED. Estrogen is important with regard to NO production (extremely useful for erections yeet) and other neurotransmitters (not gonna go into it tho cuz the post would be way too long). It may take a while for everything to reset, but I’d say run a PCT, see if everything balances out. If you unfortunately don’t recover an appreciable amount of natty T production, TRT will be in order, however while that sucks, it isn’t the end of the world. I’ve been on TRT since I was 16 (unrelated to gear use, just shit luck)

Lets put it this way, while not being able to get an erection might suck (I would know, I had ED for a while at 16-17), it’s not as if you have terminal cancer, or are in extreme pain all the time, or can’t exercise… Imagine if you had no arms or legs… WOW that would SUCK. My bedside manner probably isn’t great #ihaveautism but you get my drift

Hang in there bro, it’ll be okay. You probably haven’t used for long enough to cause any long term serious cardiovascular or endocrine damage.

SOMEONE TAG DR SIR IN HERE. @iron_yuppie tag Mr Sir Dr Sir (physiologik)

i will wait until the end of the year. I think about suicide but sometimes I think is worth it and sometimes I think is not. But I’m not dumb enough to do it before I have sure I fucked my self literally. I think It can be a dopamine problem maybe. Because when I used cabergoline for 2 weeks ( 0.5 mg twice week) I got some improvements. I bought 24 pills of 0,5 mg cabergoline and I am thinking about trying to see if I get any improvment.

Bro STOP ordering shit and taking studf because you read or heard it was a good idea, thats the first step. For any good doctor to be able to help you they are gonna need to see your labs after you have been 100% chemical free for at least 3+ months.

Secondly i feel you about not wanting to live with a limp dick. That sounds like pure misery. Heres the thing tho say you did fuck your dick up permanently which i doubt you have but say you did. They even have special medications/injections for that now. Its 2019 bro you’ll get that little fella up and working in no time i promise

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I am going to do. A 7 das water fast to see if anything happens. I don’t care about losing muscle anymore

Edrudd, the internet is not the place you need help from. Speak with your family, tell them where you are mentally. Do some research together and find an endo where you are for help. You may also consider some counselling to help with your negative thoughts. Trust me when I say things will improve as soon as you tell your parents whats going on in your mind. Hang in there dude, things will get better in time.

Good luck son.


No man. No. That’s not going to do anything but make you feel like total shit. Your body needs food and nutrients. Water isn’t the answer. NONE of these quack ideas are the answer. You have to restart things, both mentally and physically.

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What ever you do, I want you to realize this is only one moment during your life. This is a very very brief time period in which things will get better. This one moment does not ruin an entire lifetime, nor does it define who you are. This will be a time for you to get stronger mentally and over come this. Suicide is a selfish, cowardly way out. Think about what it would do to your mother.

  1. Find a Dr or a person who you can be honest with and stop lying to them. They can’t treat you if they dont know the facts.
  2. Water fasting for you is a terrible idea. IT will send anxiety into overdrive which could lead to more thoughts about suicide.
  3. You are not alone in this, there are tons of guys who have done the same thing on these forums. Research and you will see.
  4. Does the penis pump really add size? I am just checking for a buddy.

Talk to your parents. Speak the truth. Stay safe bud.




It’s for a friend. Honest.