WTF Happened to my Motivation?

Lets get over the first response of quit being a bitch & harden the fuck up. Heres my FRAT:

Cut a long story short, im going through some depression. I used to be an inspiration to my friends with my discipline & dedication to everything - trained 2x a day, diet was spot on etc… Now i cant hardly drag my arse to the gym.I lost the fire to compete & am (was) an aspiring MMA fighter.

I know if i could motivate myself to get on the mat & in the ring id be an addict again, but i just cant pull myself together.

Im supposed to be on a no-carb diet (getting my weight back down - i fight at 155lbs) & got pissed off last night (a good sign, usually im too tired to be angry), ate 3 honey sandwiches & a block of chocolate & i didnt care. I know what good nutrition is, i just dont care.

Basically, im fucking sick of who ive become & want the old me back. I want to reignite the fire the in my belly. Rather than turning this into a negative, i want to know what you or friends did to get them through dark times. Books & articles you/they read? Movies that fired them up? Supplements? I read up on Shugarts phoenix article before, it prompted me to post this.

No one can function on a no-carb diet for any period of time. I met the toughest MFers around while I was in the Army, but everyone eventually breaks if they don’t get the proper nutrition.

Focus your energy on learning to eat/cut weight properly.

Normally, id agree with you, but this has been my mental state for about 3 months, ive been no-carbing for 2 weeks.