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WTF Happened to Gold's?


I haven't been in a Gold's since highschool, but the most fucking disturbing thing has happened to my local Gold's. The walls used to have giant posters of Mr. America's/Mr. Universe's/Mr. Olympia's from the 1930s-1980s time. Now those things are gone replaced by de-motivational bullshit that says things like "know your limitations" or some crap. WHAT THE FUCK why have they forsaken their past.

Do they not want to be identified with Arnold/Franco/Ferrigno/Olivia and the like? And is this just a localized occurrence or Gold's Gym policy now?


they're a business. Probably realized they'll make more money by not being so "hardcore"


that seriously sucks. remember in that recent steroids film they were doing that in venice beach.


I worked out at a GG my junior and senior year of college, because the weight room at the rec center was always too flooded with douches to get anything done. This GG seemed to maintain a "hardcore friendly" attitude, had pictures of big Ron Coleman on the wall, and some pretty big dudes frequented the place.

However, I have since been to several other GGs, and the results have been pretty hit and miss. Some have been like PF, in that the DBs only go up to 80 and deadlifts are frowned upon. Others have had platforms, bowls of chalk, and GHRs. Since most GGs are run as franchises, its mostly up to each individual owner how they choose to run the place, and what sort of clientele they choose to target.

On a side note, the places with the more "hardcore" attitudes seemed to have the least amount of members. Its a sad, sad world.


JF put it best. At my Gold's, I was told not to deadlift, to which my reply was go fix your faux hawk.


Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

They were taking down photos of Arnold.


Is it because everyone associates bodybuilding with steroids now? Instead of the pursuit of a admirable physique?


I manage a gym and I hate to say this but..the rudest and most inconsiderate members are the hardcore lifters. i can understand why most gyms are weeding them out. They are bad for business.


It's a piece of shit facility run by fatasses. They rather keep their membership numbers fat with lazy slobs than a few hardcore bodybuilders. My local Gold's is owned by a former bodybuilder so our DBs go up to 150lbs and we actually have metal plates. Man fuck Arnold. I'd rather see pictures of the true greats than the 6 time Mr Olympia that has competely turned his back on the sport.


Maybe if everybody let them do what they want, lift what they want and didn't accuse them of steroids every 5 minutes they would be nicer. Everybody gives them shit, laughs behind their back. What do you expect?
I'm sure many people on T-Nati..Muscle go through the same thing. It sucks going to do a deadlift and have people say, "That's bad for your back." or "Going heavy is stupid" or "I bet you can't do squats on a big ass ball!"

I bet if people let the hardcore guys do their thing without pretending to be a know it all, they would be a lot nicer.


Didn't Planet Fitness buy the Gold's franchise?


The Gold's in Victoria was hardcore when I was there (late 80's). I left as they started nickle and diming the members for stuff (they'd get in new equipment or a new type of tanning bed and it was "oh that's going to be $5 extra a month, ontop of your membership BS).

Word to all you gym owners, if you want more people, don't nickle and dime them over new stuff. One price = everything. Damn, advertise it and you'll get everyone from every other gym coming to you. Burn us with this crap and we leave.

As for the Gold's here in Victoria, I went back as I was looking for something with a bit more substance, but what I saw was not what I left in the late 80's. What I saw was an entire floor devoted to cardio, a "women's only" area that consisted of 1/3 of the gym (I guess the two sexes can't work out together?) and had an area devoted to those bouncing fitness classes where you lay on the floor, lift your ass and call it a workout.

The upstairs was changed. The freeweights had mostly been replaced by machines. Heck, I think there was a machine that washed your nuts on one setting and your boobs on another.

I walked out.

Within a year it was gone.

Now I wish a real Gold's would open up here, not the fantasy fitness I saw that drove them out of business.

We've never had a World's here, but they were hardcore back in the golden era. Not sure if they're still around, or if they too tried broke their ankle jumping on the latest bandwagon.


In ohio we dont even have Gold's anymore.. they are all now known as "urban active" haha


Just be happy you don't lift at New York Sports Clubs. I took this picture the other day between sets of Arnold presses (I keep my workout log on my Blackberry so the camera was readily accessible). The guy sat there and read the entire article, I kid you not.

What the hell is happening to our weight rooms? Corporate membership and location are the only things keeping my business.


I lift at a GG and it isnt super hardcore in the sense that there are giant posters of BBrs on the wall but it is good gym.It has 4 flat benches 2 incline 2 power cages 2 squat racks a deadlift platform lots of hammer strength stuff and the DBs go up to 150.Also it is never busy when im there and there is usually atleast one hot chick working out.


but the irony is that the gym franchise owner is a former bodybuilder. theres a few big dudes, some semi-pro football players and amateur bbers and the dbs go to 140 i think.

thats why im like wtf. and as i recall there was only one poster of arnold, the rest were like zane/ larry scott/ olivia and nubret.

i lift in the evenings after work and thats when the big guys come out. makes me feel good doing my deadlifts or squats and not getting crosseyed looks from cardio nazis, instead motivated by the dude with all the 45 pound plates on the leg press getting some. i got the 3 month membership for $50 so fuckit.


That sounds like it's well worth $45 a month.

I want to say BS to whoever said it's the big guys that are the jerks. Everyone that has any sort of size at my gym, all 12 or so are all cool as shit. One guy even came up to ask me about box squats, dude had 40lbs on me at least. It seems like, IMO the bigger a guy gets the less of a judgmental prick he becomes if your actually working while your there.

It's the smaller guys, people that have been the same size for years, and younger guys that are the annoying pricks.

(No offense to anyone young... Unless your one of the annoying pricks at my gym...)


I've lifted at alot of gold's and know people who own alot of them and it all depends on the Gym Manager and the Owner of the gym. Two examples of hardcore gold's would be the Golds Gym in Lasvegas off West Sahara, a crap ton of bodybuilders and MMA athletes work out there and the owner used to be a powerlifter.

(I thought I'd add to how hardcore it is; AC is broken, Heavymetal blast away, and if you use the power racks its common courtesy to use 315 or kick stones, and they have the only power leg press I've ever seen, 4 large bars with 8 100lb plates to boot)


I lift at a Golds and I have no complains. Four bench press, two incline and several good HS machines, two squat racks and dbs go up 150lb, plus I pay 30 bucks a month.


It is worth it and it only costs me $37

and I agree and disagree with the big guy attitude.There are some BBrs at my gym and some of them seem like pricks and some are cool.But the same goes for anyone at a gym, I had some guy walking around me today that thought he was top shit and he was a bitch doing some bicep shoulder front raise variation I have never seen before.