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WTF Happend to Me?!


Was playing some 1on1 bball with a friend of mine yesterday & suffered the most painful injury ever in my life! This was even worst than my broken foot & being hit in the mouth ( = root canal )

Made a move to my right, he lunged forward jamming his knee to the middle of my thigh! The pain was instant & scary bad!

Here's what I felt for the next 5 mins. Extreme pain, felt very dizzy, heavy sweating & my ears were ringing! It was really crazy & scared the hell out of me too! OH, and I felt like throwing up!! I felt all that for 3-5 straight mins.!

So WTF happened?! Is there a nerve in the middle of the quad that got hit? I've iced it & it's REALLY sore today. Will continue to ice & will get in the pool today & move it around. Thanks for any advise.




Well, I know there is a nerve in the inside of you leg but Im not sure about the outside or middle.

I do know that in our ASP class (you know the collapsible baton)they teach us to strike on the middle or outer thigh. They tell us it will incapacitate a suspect and put some serious hurt on him. Never got a chance to try it though.

Maybe the same kind of thing happened to you.

Just a guess though.



he got ur sweet spot, i once kneed my dad in a fight (when i was about 14) in the middle of his thigh and he went down like a log, did u feel like ur leg was numb at one point?


Thaiboxers target the tighs with their kicks. Your friend used his knee.


YES! My entire leg was numb!! I totally forgot about that. So much happend, I swear I felt like passing out too! I hope it never happens again, the pain was unreal!! And yah, I guess he did get my sweet spot.


A good leg kick in that same place will make you want to shit your pants. Your whole insides turn to water and you just don't want to play anymore.


Bruce haven't a clue on the source of your pain and sorry it happened, but good to see you back.


You're right on track, there is a nerve in the thigh. I've taught self defense courses where a hundred pound lady will knee a 300 pound man and drop him. As far as the dizziness, ears ringing, etc., that is not usual, but as long as it goes away within a few minutes, not alarming. My best guess would be 'sensory overload'. Yeah, expect the area to be tender for a few days, maybe up to two weeks. However, if you notice anything other than a typical bruising pain or charlie horse (i.e. continued dizziness, lack of feeling or coordination, tingling or pulsing) get it check out, there might be something more going on. Although unlikely, nerve damage or internal bleeding would be the worst scenerio.
In the meantime, and assuming all is normal, you should be fine with ice, massage, ibuprofen and taking it easy on your legs.


Combatmedic is right on the money.


It is probably a contusion, or a deep bruise, your probably not injured, just hurt, it will most likely be completely gone within 2 weeks depending on how bad it is.


we call them carlie horses, and its fun to give them, lol


Thanks everyone for the help! That happened Sun. afternoon & now it's early Tues. morn. I'm sore as hell, walking is kinda painful. But's it's s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. Got in the pool yesterday & moved it around nice & easy. Been icing & gently rubbing it too. And I noticed my leg is swollen but it's not turning colors as I thought it would.

Thanks again!

This was the worse & I don't wish it on anyone! I believe Dwayne Wade & Shaq had this happen to them last season too.

And if I ever get in a fight or get attacked I'll know where to do a side kick too!!


Muscle contusion, or actual tear would be my best "Internet guess." Either way, sorry to hear about it. I would get to the doctor if you have not gone yet. In the mean time ice and plenty of it!

Good Luck.


in italy we call it "la vecchia" (somethinh like "the old woman")

it's a common joke among boys at school.. :slightly_smiling:

a fast hit of the knee in the outer side of the quad...

intresting uh? :slightly_smiling:


I'm no expert, and I wouldn't have guessed about most of the other good advice already given here, but do you think there's a possibility of a hairline fracture?

Your best bet would be to have it checked out by a doctor. Get an x-ray and make sure nothing is broken, even slightly.

You don't want to cause more damage by walking on it when you're not exactly sure of what's wrong.


Similar thing happend to me years ago, only it was on my upper arm. A friend of mine who was in martial arts and was demonstrating something. And he had me put my arms straight out while walking to him(like I was going to start something) and he gave me a shot between the bicep and tricep, he didnt' have to hit hard but it completely incapacitated me and I thought I would puke. A nerve would be my best guess.


Man, you are a pussy... Suck that shit up...

Sounds like you got a good ol' down home Charlie Horse man, it will get better in a few, but it's a bitch to deal with for a couple days.

You're doing all the right things to get it better as soon as possible.

I once broke the tip of my index finger fielding a grounder to third base during a softball game. Ball must have hit it just right or whatever but I got all dizzy and nauseaus and had to sit down on the base for a couple minutes. How do you think that looks? Fielding a grounder then nearly fainting in front of the rest of your team and wives/GF's?

I feel your pain dude.


Yup, I'm guessing you got hit right where the sciatic nerve branches into the tibial and the common peroneal nerves. You can find this "sweet spot" by letting your arm hang naturally by your side, and pressing your thumb into that crease between the vastus lateralis and the hamstrings. Hurts, right? Well, remember that spot. As combatmedic says, you can very easily drop a much larger opponent with a good solid round kick to that spot. I've done it, and had it done to me, more times than I care to remember! You can condition yourself to take the pain, but shit, it hurts.