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WTF Guys??


What is it with all this religion vs science flooding the boards?

Religion cannot disprove science and science cannot disprove religion. It's a stalemate so far.

If you're a religious nut and say.. well the bible says so and so to THE LETTER. Then you're wrong. (just not AS wrong)

If you're a scientist who says this is EXACTLY how earth was created and yadda yadda, then you're wrong too.

No one knows why things came to be the way they are, but it's still being worked on by researchers in both fields. New facts and research are coming in all the time. Some good, some bullshit. Until there's definitive proof for either side it's not worth arguing over this.

Get over it.

Let's get back on track. This will go nowhere. Let's focus on things that can actually be discussed and solved.


What, like the middle east conflict.

Ok, Kissinger


You have a very romantic view of internet forums.


I don't understand what you mean by that.


Hmmmm. You prove a good point. I'll have to browse your references though.

Would you like to squabble over something trivial? I'll let you take your pick of the subject. Except for religion and science. There's at least a dozen active threads for that.


We did a cricket vs baseball thing. that was good.

We could do "why cant car makers in the US make decent cars that have good ride, handling and decent power from smaller power plants?"


ARMAGEDDON: a combination of Religion and Science

Like a match made in heaven.


Let me say something first, I don't consider a discussion that doesn't reach a solution to be significant. That said, very few of the discussions that happen on these forums reach any solution (Evolution/Natural Selection/Darwinism vs. ID/Creationism/Spontaneous Generation? Solution? Gay Marriage? Solution? Separation of Church and State? Solution? Functional vs. Hypertrophy? Muscular Chicks? Abortion? I think maybe we have the pullups vs. pulldowns debate settled.).

Now, of all threads, I'm guessing 'The Ass Worship Thread' is the most viewed with some 850,000 views (which is about 10X the amount of any other thread), if we assuming each of those is a single individual, not one individual several times (making it 825,000 if you subtract myself), you've reached approximately 3% of Americans or .003% of the world population.

To think we're some sort of internet forum Woodward and Bernstein or Joseph Goebbels seems rather naive.


I'll agree to that. And I do realize that mostly its for discussion. But once in a while you get cool bits of info. Like the hiroshima thread;

What you can do in the event that some random Japanese guy comes up to you and demands appologies.

And other stuff like: using a skillet to break up with your fiance when you find her screwing your personal trainer in your bed.... and so on.


Done and Done.


If it can help humble both sides, so much the better.