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WTF Effect

Johnny Dan (smirk) wrote this today during PT… “The guys at crossfit, dragondoor and other places have found some of the same stuff. We call it the WTF Effect. It’s “What the Heck Effect.” You train on swings, rope climbs and waterskiing for a month, go to the gym and PR in the snatch. Why? Dunno…”

my thoughts… it’s a new stimulus. teaching your body to be stronger, faster, perhaps longer in different ways than what you’ve been doing previously.

since rope climbs and waterskiing (whaddur swings?) are new they’re definately gonna be fast-twitch. how many people do you know that never do anything, go wakeboarding once or snowboarding once then wake up sore as a bruise? i know lots.

also, supercompensation. taking a break, even if it’s a whole month, can produce gains and especially lead to cool gains when starting up again. n=1, i had surgery, was out for a month, came back to lifting and was as strong as before and made newb progress for the first couple weeks. although, this kinda thing doesn’t work for everybody.