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WTF Do I Do Now? (Business Related)



Call and speak in real life. Email sounds like excuses.


I am. Their offices are closed during the weekend.


Something isn't adding up. You just got back from a week-long vacation, and you received three voicemails from the firm (the last one being last Monday). Did they really call on consecutive days, or was a voicemail left before you left for the trip?

Either way, you need to call HR first thing the morning and explain that you were on vacation. You need to emphasize that you had provided them with your cell phone as your main form of contact, even if that wasn't the case (you have nothing to lose). However, you cannot turn it into a blame game. As soon as you start accusing the firm of screwing up, that's when it's game over.

If things don't work out with HR, you need to call your interviewer and anyone else you know at the firm. As long as you're nice about it, you should be fine (unless they already gave the offer to someone else).

But for future reference, never give out your home number. There's no reason to.


One more thing: do not say you assumed the offer was given to another candidate. That makes it seem like you had already given up on the offer.


Don't even bother with the whole cellphone explanation thing. These guys probably have fifty people lined up after you for the job and they won't care why you weren't reached or didn't call them back. It doesn't change the fact that when they needed to get a hold of you, they were unsuccessful and didn't hear back from you for several days. The who's, what's and why's aren't important to them.

Call them up and apologize for not calling back sooner. Don't mention the cellphone number thing, just apologize and tell them you are still extremely interested in the job.

In the future, even if they say they'll contact you in a couple days or within a week or whatever, call them a day or two after the interview to thank them for the interview and the opportunity to be considered for a position. This is a good way to follow up on an interview without coming across as too pushy or desperate or anything like that. Good luck.


You need to show Jay Twizzel that you can put a rubix cube together really fast while he's in a cab headed for home..........That will show them that you are qualified for the internship!



Do both, send the e-mail and call. Make the e-mail sound more apologetic (Don't mention that they called the wrong phone number because you gave them your cell phone number, don't make it sound like they fucked up). Good luck,

PS do you really think double majoring in Econ and philosophy is hard/impressive? sure its cool, but its a little like saying that you can make a layup in basketball AND hit a groundball in baseball.


I'm not a big fan of the word "sorry" in these types of letters. I'd rather use something like:

My two cents. Feel free to agree/disagree.


good luck man. I agree on doing both.

that last line really made me laugh...a lot...i almost spit my dip all over the computer


3.93 ECON and PHILO is no joke.



As someone that hires and manages quite a few people, let me give you a touch of advice. Quit making excuses and quit blaming people. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit, especially coming from an intern applicant.

They don't care that you were on a family vacation and they sure as hell don't want to hear you tell them THEY made a mistake. Apologize for the delayed call, tell them you're eager to start, and keep the conversation brief.