WTF Did They Do to my Gym?

[quote]Renton wrote:
My gym looked like that last time I went to take my pre-workout Spike but dropped acid instead.[/quote]

It’s funny, but now that you mention it, blotter paper does look confusingly similar to inch-long yellow pills with Spike written on them.

That would certainly explain some of the more interesting things in my logbook…

Deadlift: 135 x 5 185 x 5 225 x ??? 275 x 3 or something, I wasn't really paying attention

It would be easier to count reps if the bar didn’t keep moving on it’s own.

neighbor’s car x 5 x ?

Don’t know how many work sets I did, I had to stop when my neighbor came out told me to stop messing with his car.

Sled drag:
neighbor x 50m
neighbor + tree x ??? (long way???)

Got lost on my second drag - neighbor claims I wasn’t moving, but the tree says we went downtown to pick up hookers for the sled. I don’t know who to believe, that tree has lied to me before.

My gym just decided not to be 24 hours anymore, assholes. I would rather have a ugly 24 hour gym than a nicely painted gym with shitty gym hours.

Haha… “Hancock”.

Well, if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

I dont get this picture? ^

Your gym now looks like a little kiddies gym.

Am I the only one who thinks that looks kind of cool?

Obviously the color scheme is pukesome, but it would be rad to show up dressed up like some random bodybuilder from 1983; bandana, string tee, genie pants in bright pastel colors, the works.

My apartment’s hallways. I can’t figure out why they did this other than it was probably done thirty years ago and they left it so they don’t have to paint the walls. (it’s carpet)

nothing says HXC like those colors.