WTF Did They Do to my Gym?

Guess I’ll try this…

So I go workout every day Monday through Friday at a place here in Greenfield, Indiana called Hancock Wellness Center, I go there for 3 reasons, #1 Its very close to my work so I go at lunch, #2 My work has a deal with them so it is VERY affordable, #3 There just isn’t anywhere else to go. Anyway I walk in yesterday to find that they have painted the free weight room.

I knew this was coming because they have been doing a renovations of sorts lately but I had no idea it would be like this. (Sorry for the quality of the video it is off my phone) also this doesn’t show the brightness of the colors very well, trust me they are great colors for a daycare.

I dig it.

[quote]hardgnr wrote:
I dig it.[/quote]


At my gym they replaced the normal rock music with the latest pop hits.

Which would you rather have?

BTW, I like it.

LOL how did you film that? Upside down? I got nauseous watching it & the colours did not help.

So bright… so colourful… HULK SMASH! It looks like an indoor playground like they have at some McDonalds’

Man they must have got a great deal on paint that no one wants…

I second Higgins though - at my gym some person sometimes plays a whole track listing of Shania Twain songs - I’d rather have the shitty paint job instead

ha your gym looks like its straight out of the 80’s.

The owner of my gym decided to repaint the entire place last month. The painters came and worked all day for about 3 days (big place) and they were painting during business hours.

The fumes were awful. I felt like the room was spinning after every set and almost blacked out after each set of deads. It was a stupid problem to have.

They blast the top 20 continuously also so its not like its the lesser of 2 evils. Sorry again about the video its not nearly as bad when you watch it on the phone as it is on your monitors. I heard they aren’t done yet too supposedly we are getting brown poka dots on the walls too.

At first I was kinda pissed but now I just laugh, I can’t help but shake my head and laugh. I can’t complain too much at the price I pay, plus they are letting me train for the Circle City Strongest Man contest on their property. Pretty cool place just really bad music and horrible paint choices.

wow, I got dizzy from the combination of bright retardo colors and the helicopter ride effect of the video.

If it makes you feel any better,they did the same thing to my gym at home.

You can probably turn that kind of damage into your insurance company. I bet they would pay to have it repainted… course your premiums might go up. ha! A home gym…ah… someday

it looks like it could be a gym in Brazil. Are the owners Brazilian

thats terrible, environment is everything. i would try and use a lot of chalk, i mean lots of chalk so the cloud could help block out the bright colors, and hopefully stick to the walls and at least turn them white

You’re gym reminds me of Jack Nicholson as the Joker …

I like the chalk idea, A while ago they had signs up saying Chalk presented health concerns and that we couldn’t use it anymore. That didn’t last too long. Ya gotta love the Purple and Green wall the best. It looks like an eggplant exploded or something. My girlfriend said it looked like Rainbow Bright puked all over the walls, not a very nice visual I know.

[quote]needwater26 wrote:
it looks like it could be a gym in Brazil. Are the owners Brazilian [/quote]

or pear enthusiasts?

I feel for you!

P.S. that’s a really bad camera job

wow, that reminds me of those goofy parachute pants the stereotypical 80s bodybuilders wore. damn, i thought planet fitness’ purple and yellow was rough on the eyes

WOW. That looks like a bad children’s TV show.

I’m inspired to repaint my garage.

Looks like the setting for a ‘Wiggles’ video.

My gym looked like that last time I went to take my pre-workout Spike but dropped acid instead.