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WTF Denny's!!!!!!

Anyone just see the super bow ad in the 3rd quarter and Denny’s just anounced that Tuesday between 6am and 2pm they are giving EVERYONE in America a free “GrandSlam”.EVERYONE!!! OMFG…and they said that shit in the Super Bowl!!!

Imagine how much it would cost to advertise that in the Super Bowl and how much it would cost on top of that to feed the millions of people that take advantage of it!.

Denny’s is my new hero! LOL…go them for feeding out of work families while advertising and getting good tax write offs

Taco bell has done the same thing.

They’ll send you free Dr. Pepper.

Pepsi did this a while back. They said that if Guns N’ Roses, I think, released another album, they’d give everybody in the world a free Dr. Pepper. Well, they released an album. You had to go online to register for your free soda though.
Sorry, Ethiopia.

So many people went on that the site crashed for the only day it was scheduled to be up and they never fixed it. There were some lawsuits about this, I think.

Yep, it is hularious! At least it is from 6 am - 2 pm… could you imagine the zoo they’d create if it was from 6 - 8 am?

Think I will have to pass although I am sure I like the Grand Slam as much as your next red blooded American.

Hit the gym at 6am, eat a free breakfast at 8am


I still love me some Denny’s but it’s a shame they’re still using trans-fats.

I’ve been watching Nanerpus on youtube all day. I’m hooked.