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WTF Are Clubbells?


I didn't know really where to post this, so I posted it here.

What are these?


I'm not planning to use these, lol, I just came across them looking into hack squat technique. And why are they so highly priced ($300). It says sponsored by testosterone magazine, is that this sites magazine, so whats so good about them.

Any users? The clubbells I mean.


They are a modern "interpretation" of the ancient Indian Clubs. They both are used in the same ways and such. Apparently Indian clubs were a big thing back before WWII. In many countries they were used in military pt as well as public (and private) education P.E. classes. So were kettlebells for that matter.

The price, someone figured out how to make money and ran with it.

Testosterone (T-Mag/T-Nation) did a review on them a few years ago. You might find it in the archives, though it will likely be a lengthy search.


They look like they're effective for killing baby seals.

Nice look'n chic modeling them.



How would someone actually use them to workout. Is it actually possible to workout using them? Or would you just look like a big hairy twat.


wow, $300?

You could make something like that for probably $10-$20.


I sure you can increase your ability to club larger seals with less blows.


No shit. Spend the other $290 on a cheap hooker, then club her afterwards and get your money back.


Check this out:


Also, yes, there are ways to make similar things much cheaper. One way is to take a plastic, toy bat and fill it with cement.


Ridiculous price.

When I was told by my dad to pack on some muscle and gain strength he recommended using clubs(my folks are Indian). Thing is I didn't want to look like a tosser swinging clubs around as a 14 yr old.

But from what i've seen you can get very strong using them. For example, once I went to meet my dad at the steel foundry where he used to work and there was another Indian chap who worked there.

The Foreman had allowed him to take some excess solid steel pipes for the purpose of club swinging, he got asked to demonstrate a movement and he slowly brought the pipe around his neck. When my dad tried he couldn't do it properly(this is a man whose built like an ox and who worked manual labour on farms and in a steel foundry on 13-14 hour shifts for 35 years!). So they are effective.

Oh yeah when he encouraged me to start 'club swinging' he suggested just fashioning them out of oak or some heavy wood(like they do back home), so people who buy those things are getting royally ripped off.

Oh I also read Coach Scott Sonnon interview, i'm very impressed by his opened mindedness. But I disagree when he say's some countries that primarily employ club training aren't successfull in sports for this reason alone. Case in point if you go to India the main reason we are so shit in sports is because the fucking government is so corrupt and any funding for sport is siphoned off to some shady official. Oh well.




hahaha...christ you guys crack me up...increase your ability to club larger seals....hahaha


these look like they could be realy good at improving wrist/forearm strength.

I currently use a short barbell with weight at the far end for wrist flexs, this has given me an idea
I might try fixing lead weight to the end of a baseball bat and using that instead


And repeat until happy.

How would they increase forearm strength though. I only see clowns juggling with them (lots in English cities), must they have storng forearms? Bastards i want big forearms.


hold a bar about 30_40 cm long with weight at the other end, twist wrist lift bar up and down = good forearm and wrist training


Get an adjustable dumbell and put 5 kgs on one end only, leaving the other end clear for you to hold.

The ways i've seen it done are the same as page 3(of the photocopies) of this site: http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/India/IndianClubs/clubs02.htm


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I' ve almost bought all my weights to start off my bedroom gym (just needs a squat rack, the reason I am doing hack squats, and so the reason why I found clubbells in a advertisement) with £200/almost $300. So fuck, would I rather have clubbells, no. I want more weight plates.

And to the forearm exercises, I already do them, I do both wrist curls, and use a weight on a chain on a stick, that I twist. Although they have noticebly increased by forarm size (at least noticable to me), I just want bigger forearms. I'm pretty new to weight training, so I have got a way to go.

That was a bit off topic.


Swinging weights around can help the shoulders. I tend to get into linear movement patterns with the presses and all. Swinging weights like clubbells around opens the shoulders up.

I use an old pair of power cage pins, which have a stopper guard on 'em. they just happen to be small enough for standard weights and an old standard collar. Use 'em for forearm levers and swinging about.

Fun, but not strictly necessary though in my opinion.


I actually use clubbells pretty regularly. No, I didn't buy them. They are excellent for shoulder movements, grip and ab stimulation.

I would say that you could do a lot of the same things with regular weight, but not all of them. Ultimately, they are just another (specialized) tool.


Sledgehammers are cheaper, and cooler.