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'WTF Am I Doing Here?'


Have you ever had a "wtf am I doing here moment?? I was talked into a fucking amway meeting and had that thought through out.


my first time doing MMM


yeah, thats a def wtf moment

looks around..."oh shit, where are the titties?" "FUCK!"


Depending on the Ms involved you could find some I suppose...

For me: while watching the first season of Californication knowing that I was spending a year in the crappiest place of the UK.


I've heard of MFM and FMF, but never MMM. I could see why your were thinking what the WTF am I doing here with two other dudes.


The one time I went to a Buddhist meeting.

The one time I got lost driving and ended up in the scary part of Camden.


Watching Night at the museum 2 in the cinema.


The time I got a bj from a fat chick


I walked into a leisure centres gym only to see a shit tonne of cardio equipment with a cable crossover against the wall and some dumbells!
i had creed blaring outta my head phones,i got some looks and just turned around and walked away!


Dumbells? Oh, you mean the clientele. lol


The gym at the hotel I was staying at in Vegas. The dumbbells didn't go past 40lbs, there were no barbells, and there was but one smith machine that probably hadn't been oiled since before I was born.

I decided to find another gym that day.


Hey!! I know that feeling!! Right around the Campbell's Soup factory. Great place for soup.. Not so much for a skinny white-boy with long hair (this was the 80's for me).




When I go to my favorite late night food place in Hartford. I am the only white person, everyone stops what they're doing and there has been random shootings before. Great Chicken Caesar wrap though.


One time I accidentally walked into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and got stuck. I had to listen to people speak about their drug problems and at one point someone passed around his baseball cap for collections. It was quite awkward.


fuckin Amway!

lmfao, i got tricked by tat shit too.

i went to the meetings and just asked for money from them, I mean their all 22 year olds that make 750k a year they can lose a few thousand and be cool with me not doing anything right?

and i wondered why, if theyre so rich why do they have such shitty cars, go to my college, and rent out shitty meeting halls at budget hotels?


Very good,sir!


That's awesome where was this?

my WTF moments happen about 6-8 months into every job I have. I just feel like I'm wasting my time and often quit shortly after. Some I drag out to around 2 years for resume builders, but I guess I just don't know what I want to do.


Every day spent in Michigan, brotha.


It was in a cigar shop here in Philly. I went into their back room (like I always did) to smoke my cigar and apparently they rented the space out for NA meetings on Thursday nights. That was the last Thursday night I ever bought a cigar.