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Wt 142, Bench 225, Squat 135. Help


Whats up guys alright im 17 been lifting for like a year and have seen some great results in this year my bench has gone from 135 to 225 my arms have got alot bigger also...now to the legs...Basically my legs suck and i can only squat 135 does anyone have any advice how to get this up.
Thanks in advance,


If you've figured out how to get your bench from 135 to 225, why not use similar techniques to up your squat numbers by the same amount..?


Maybe squatting will make you stronger in the squat...?


i do squat but i always try and increase the weight and i can never get anymore weight than the weeks before i dont get it


Why the fuck do people not do their legs when they start working out, legs look sick once they're muscular.


squat till you drop! than squat some more
bamm your done. than eat everything in your neighbors house


If you give the details of your routine, it might help with figuring out the issue..


haha...should i do more reps with less weight or go for heavy weight?


you're 142 lbs, eat food



do more squats, more often? you're not that advanced where you need to address specific weaknesses to get your squat up. You just need to squat heavy and hard.

EDIT: if you've never really squatted that much before, first I'd learn the technique and get it down, because its really hard to get your squat numbers up if you don't do it properly. Another thing is do high reps so you can form a groove, and then even when you start adding weight, you wont compromise form as much.


i try and eat alot but cant seem to gain weight any suggestions?


Fuckin' right. And you know what? Girls like a nice ass, and squats will give you that. (If you care about that sort of thing.)

I squatted from day one.


Eat more. If you're still growing "up" (i.e. getting taller) then, well, things will simply be more difficult. The only solution though is to eat more.

My nephew, who is nearly 14, eats so much shit. More total calories than me, I'm sure. And it's all junk food. And he's skinny. Why? Because he's growing tall as hell.


eat more..much more. You probably aren't getting in as much food as you think. When I started training I figured I was getting in at least 3000 calories of quality food a day, turns out when I actually started keeping a log it wasn't even half that! also, if you post a video of your squat it would be much easier to critique where your weaknesses are.


alright next legs day ill try and get a vid. Are weight gainer shakes a good idea to throw into my diet?


Starting Strength, you'll love it!


can't hurt, really.


If you have a hard time eating enough, you could try and drink some kcals too. Milk would probably be the best option :slight_smile:


Are you unable to eat more food? If not, add another meal or two each day.

Most "gainer" products are full of sugar and/or maltodextrin, so you'd be better off with food. Or, buy a good whey protein like Grow! and make your own. There have been plenty of threads with good recipes.


depends. are you trying to get bigger and stronger, or just make your squat better? Getting bigger will ultimately get you stronger because the more mass you have, the 'easier' your ability to move mass. However there are training techniques to keep you relatively at the same weight and improve your max.