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Wsup Den?


Enjoy. lol


just as i expected, nothing happened.


why is it black people tend to be so fucking loud for no reason?




funny yet scary. It's kids like that who do the drive by thing. Both the kids need a good ole' ass wopping from Daddy, just MO ; )


lol I love how the kids run when grandma drives by.


Yeah, you're right! Not once in my entire life have I ever heard a white person raise his voice.


haha. No way. I thought white people were cool and calm.


Didnt someone already put this up, like six weeks ago..... Just sayin


I love how there were 10 skaters and 2 blacks.


My guess is the only person in that video that really knows how to kick some ass is Grandma.


White people have the "I'm so cool and smart that I don't need to get loud" defense. Real snobbish and uppity. Constant mocking.

Black people have the "Fuck you, you punk ass, bitch-made, mother fucking,etc." Defense. Very loud and testosterone filled.

That kid may be young, but have more faith in him then to the skaters. If he was 5-8 years older, the skaters would have shut the fuck up or gotten knocked out.


They're all on roidz :wink:


My god.... not the white people cant fight stereotype again.

Truth is 80% of people have no fucking clue how to throw a damn punch, black, white, mexican, it makes no difference. You always end up with these windmill arm half slaps.


I never said white people can't fight. But if you keep mocking someone who is ready to punch you in the face and you got your hands by your side, he'll probably get that first hit in.

You can't just mock someone who's in your face like that. You're just increasing the chances of getting yourself hit first.


There are flaws in both really, one is not ready for an attack and the other is just uselessly burning energy. I tend to adopt the calm hand on the chin approach, that way if they want to get in my face there is an elbow ready to get in theirs.

And your right you did not say that. I apologize for putting the words in your mouth, you just gotta admit these type of threads go that way lol.

side note did they not notice the skaters each had a board....... that's a lot of potential weapons i would not want to go against.


those white kids are pussies.


lol do i really need to remind people of what happens when a couple of 'thug' retards fuck with skateboarders who clearly outnumber them?


im not saying white people don't, trust me ,i live in fucking white trash central. theres ignorant people of every race, nationality, creed and color. it just so happens that more often than not they happen to be black and usually never asian.


really? I've noticed they walk slow as shit.


lol this was bound to happen in this thread!