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WSTRAINER, you talked about following a keto-diet and eating protein only twice daily, and this got you into your best shape and helped build muscle. i’d like to hear specifics of how you set up the diet, and what your before/after stats have been. I’m doing a similar approach and wanted some input. I basically aim for 1.5g protein workout days and 1g on non-workout days. I get almost all my protein in my post-workout meal (AM) and fast for the rest of the day, and non-workout days spread the protein usually in 3-4 meals over a 6 hour period, fasting the rest of the day.

BUMP !.. i’m very interested too. i’m not being a smartass, i’d like to know more specifics…(heck this might work for others)

First I did the keto diet,not cyclic,from Jan 2 to March I only had about 6-8 carb meals,not days!The diet was basically centred around fat,the foods I ate were high in fat with medium protein.I basically drank flax and olive oil all day.Why?Because these fats have been proven to cause protein uncoupling.By following a severely high fat diet like this,acheiving and maintaining ketosis was a breeze.The problem is the everyone is so protein paranoid,they eat a shitload of protein thinking it will help save muscle,but to my knowledge this has only been proven on low cal diets.So what I did was I basically limited my protein on purpose to set the stage for my Protein Pulse stage.Im not sure If you guys are aware of protein cycling,there is an article on the site about it.But I disagree with the author recomending a high carb diet when lowering protein,I suggest a high fat “ketogenic diet”.Basically you guys can refer to the Batcheldor interview a few issues ago on how he sets up his protein pulse with his clients.My stats,Jan 2,267 lbs,March 8,214lbs.WAist from 44"to 37",arms from 17.5" to 17".From March 10 I have been doing Protein pulse until april 1st.Results,223 lbs,37.5"waist,17.5"arms.I wake up 5 am,and go to sleep about 11.30 pm.On an empty stomach I do a workout around 8-9am,when i get home I’ll have a HUGE meal of aroung 100-150 grams of protein.Then I’ll snack on either small carb OR fat meals inbetween my next and last meal around 7.30 pm,which will again contain 100-150 grams a day of protein.Im currently finishing up an article for T-Mag,on how,after 3 years of consulting people on keto diets,I beleive it should be done.Stay tuned and good luck!