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WSSB For A Swimmer

Hey guys I’m a university student swimmer and was wondering if I could get some guidance.

I’m just into the 2nd week of Joe DeFranco’s WSSB- it seems really good. And the 3 day a week format is great as my swimming commitments are 6days a week.

I’m worried about the high volume of chest work in the programme given my propensity to shoulder problems. Also I dunno if the low volume of lat work is good for swimming specific improvements(though I realise lats also internally rotate the shoulders so excessive lat work isn’t good either).

I’m gonna put use a couple of the shoulder circuits from Neanderthal No More which I just finished and try to get some Theraband external rotations in at home too to try and keep my shoulders healthy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only have the net at the uni library so I may be quite slow to respond.

You may want to substitute the pressing ME exercises for pulling ones (pullups, bent-over rows, etc.) Joe seems to recommend those to primarily pulling sports. I think Joe DeFranco recommends this to the baseball players and wrestlers that he coaches. I certainly think that swimming would fall into this category.

If you search his site, www.defrancostraining.com , you may find a full routine with this configuration. If not, just use the same template and replace the pressing exercises with pulling ones. I would not, however, switch the triceps exercises for biceps ones.


Thanks that sounds like a good idea. I checked on the website and couldn’t find a program like that but that’s cool cos the simple swap seems fine.