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WSSB Decrease in Bench


I have been lifting for only about 5 weeks now. About 3-4 times a week. I have been using WSSB. My body shows improvements from liftin but my weight and strength are not. I have actually dropped reps on my benching. This worries me bcause most other lifts have really decreased but none have increased greatly either. Is it from overworking or is a part of my arms too weak or undertrained? I also am looking for a new routine just to change it up. Any help is appreciated


You getting enough sleep? How's the eating going? Are you involved in sports, or just lifting? In two months with this program my maxes have shot through the roof, although my bodyweight is the same as of yet. You should see improvements in strength before anything else. You are missing something.



Is 5wks your total training experience? If yes then I don't think WSSB or WSSBII is for you for now. In this case you will get more benefit from a 3x/wk full body workout, working most of the lifts in around 3-4sets x 12-15reps.

From my personal experience, I started WSSB (and still using it along with WSSBII) after 15months of serious weightroom training, before that I had been on bodyweight training as part of Karate training for 4.5 years.

Hope it helps,

Geek boy


Back off a bit, you're overtraining


Thanks guys. I lifted on and off last year but nothing really together so this is my first real experience. Should I take like a week off? Or should I switch off WSFSB to a full body workout. I researched a lot of lifts and wsfsb seems the most likely to work. I am lifting to build strength for lacrosse mostly.
Any help is appreciated.


Remember that fatigue will always mask fitness. You'll be able to demonstrate your strength best when you've given your CNS time to recovery a bit.


Klorg, no offence but if that's your situation then I don't think WSSB is for you for now. WSSB requires maxing out / challenging your PR on lower body and upper body once on each every week, which could be too much for you in terms of training experience. If you follow WSSB truly, meaning having GPP/sport/strongman training in between weightroom days, it could be too much sometimes even for intermediate level lifters.

May I suggest the following:

1) WSSB without Maxing - Do the ME exercises with 3-5sets of 3-5reps that is close to your PR but NOT challenging your PR every week as suggested in the article. Switch set/rep and chocie of exercises every cycle.


2) Full body programme to start with as I originally suggested. Mix in WSSB's exercises in your programme and graduately starting WSSB.

My 2cents and hope it helps,

Geek boy


I don't see why he shouldn't do WSSB at his skill level assuming he can properly perform the lifts he is using.

To the original poster: I think WSSB is a great program and have used it to pretty good effects. That said, how is your diet and recovery like someone else asked? Lifting weights is less then half the process.


Are your reps dropping at a given weight or are your maxes dropping?

For instance, if I work up to MAXx3 (say 315)with reps of 3 for an appreciable period of time, I cannot lift say 255 for very much more than 3 reps. However, if I work out differently I can put up the same weight for 8-10 reps.


How are you working up (reps & weight per set) to your bench 3 rep max attempt?