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WSM2016 Schedule and Where to Watch?

I have googled my ass off trying to get info on World’s Strongest Man to no avail. It starts tomorrow in Botswana but I can’t find if ESPN is covering or if it will be live streamed anywhere? Anyone know how to watch and when?

They aren’t going to live stream it. It’s a TV show, not a sporting event. You might get like 2-3 heats for 1 event in 8 hours. No one is gonna watch it. Same reason they dont live stream Game of Thrones.

StartingStrongman is a great place to follow the event. Kalle Beck runs a great page.

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Oh ok thank you. I’ve only ever caught old replays at midnight I didn’t realize it worked like that, I guess I assumed an Olympic style of broadcasting. So the edited show will be released sometime later? Would youtube probably have some footage throughout the week?
Thank you for the site I wasn’t aware of it, great content.

since there are like 40 Bowl games now ESPN dropped it and a CBS Sports picked it up in order to get CBS SportsI assume it’s expensive sports package go to YouTube HITstrongman has you tube channel with a smorgasbord strongman contestI like football too but damn do you really need that many after season games strongman should be the most popular sport especially if they had more weight classes at the elite level check out HITSTRONGMAN Channel he has got 100s hour of strongman contest going back to 80,s

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Thanks that channel will fill some free time. Yeah when under .500 teams get a bowl its a problem. I’m excited about the weight class expansion they are starting, that really helped UFC become a household sport.

We had some weight classes in strongman, but as far as wsm Dougie Edmunds won’t have it he wants the competitors all 6,6 plus and 400 pounds that is why all events are catered for tall guys with huge hands, he will let wouldn’t let Becca Swanson compete because he said she looks too masculine even though she could be the next competitor X 30% any event.

Last year Facebook was the best place for catching results and snippets of contest video.

It is unfortunate when the best leagues are run in an idiotic manner. I mean broadcast live, expand the competition, work with other leagues. I think I heard Dave Tate say before that what is holding back competitive strength sports from getting out there is that there are too many leagues and federations. The NFL and NBA took off once the other leagues folded into them.

So far startingstrongman has been ok with updates and they have a few videos of Thor of course. I followed some athletes and groups on FB but nothing good yet.

I think you may be underestimating the incredible amount of downtime involved in World’s Strongest Man.

For livestream stuff, you’re better off with the Arnold. I think Europe’s Strongest Man was lifestreamed too.

I guess I’ll have to get myself some tickets next year so I can find out :sunglasses:
Is it worse than televised golf, bicycle racing, or auto racing?

Somebody had to drop out, due to poisonous insect bite?

Third World’s Strongest Man!

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A poisonous insect in the UK, no less.

Thor has been posting videos, Laurence Shahlaei likes a selfie, and there’s this spreadsheet of the results so far


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@FlatsFarmer lol who was that? @Diddy_Ryder I have been catching Thor’s videos. Is Arjso out then

I don’t watch a lot golf. Does a round take a week to play?

Someone mentioned somewhere Benni Magnusson was stung or something. I haven’t seen any “real” source for this, just some post on another board.

I assumed this happened it Botswana, but maybe it actually happened in England?

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He posted a video on his own page saying that “ironically” he had been taken out by a poisonous bite in the UK. he had to be operated on!

Looks that way, he posted on FB that he was heading home.

@T3hPwnisher its drawn out with no exciting parts, WSM may take a week but they would just have to follow it like the olympics. CBS sports covers it during the events then goes to something else when the events end, just stream the action. its not like CBS sports has much else to put on, especially this time of year. or since WSM is often contested during off hours and in different time zones they could compile the content and show the good stuff on prime time, like how college football replays will cut out content. I mean i have never been to the show or worked in television programming but my uneducated guess is that it is workable