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WSM Updates

For those who want to know:

The hammer dropped at the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man qualifiers today as squats and deadlifts were thrown into the mix.

Both the squat and the deadlift advanced from the opening weight as up to six barrels were added to boost the load, ending at 750 pounds in deadlift, and at 794 pounds in the squat. Here are the top two in each group after the second day of the qualifying round:

Group One: Jarek Dymek leads, after having a great day - hitting all seven weights in the deadlift - followed by yesterday?s leader, Raivis Vidzis.

Group Two: Ralf Ber maintained his lead, but Mark Philippi showed what his legs can do as he moved into second place after squatting all seven weights.

Group Three: Everyone might expect to hear that Mariusz Pudzianowski is still in first place, and he is, but he can?t coast because Mikael Starow, who made all seven squats, and Steve Bourgeois are pushing him hard.

Group Four: Janne Virtanten, who made all seven deadlifts, has stormed to the front, Kevin Nee has moved into second place, and Slawomir Toczek and Dave Ostlund, tied for third, are very close behind, in what is a tightly-bunched group.

Group Five: Jesse Marunde has held onto his lead, and Tarmo Mitt and Karl Waitoa are sharing second place.

The quest to make it into the finals continues tomorrow as Groups Two and Five do the Truck Pull, and all five groups do Fingal Fingers.

Also - Savickas won the “other” world championships this weekend.

Thanks for the update. Keep us posted.

Does anyone know when and where this will be televised?

Thanks for the updates,

Hey Kev. Hope all is well.

Just to prove to you how not-upto-date I am, what are the “other” championships?

Besides that Im doing well. Lots of travel and cant really seem to get online much.

Talk to you soon


P.S Im getting the bug again and am having a sled made and looking into getting some stones made as well. Maybe Ill drop by next year just for a competition.

Amir - Sending an email in a little while - Good to hear from you!!! “Other” championship is IFSA worlds (or something like that). Virastuyk and several other top names competed in it.

For the rest - Here’s day 3 info from Ironmind:

WSM Qualifiers: Day 3 and Things are Rocking in China
The qualifying round of the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest continued today, with some big changes in the point positions, and in more than one group, making the finals is going to come down to the very last point tomorrow.

Here are the top two competitors in each group through today.

Group One: The top two positions remained unchanged today, as Jarek Dymek retained his lead and Raivis Vidzis held onto second place, but Dominic Filiou and Josh Thigpen are close behind

Group Two: Ralf Ber has been strong all through the qualifiers, so strong in fact that he not only has held onto his first-place position in Group Two after three days of competition, but he is also the only competitor who has already guaranteed himself of being in the finals - he cannot be eliminated tomorrow. Elbrus Nigamutalin has moved into second place.

Group Three: Yes, Mariusz Pudzianowski is still number one in this group, but Don Pope is now back in second place, and Mikael Starow and Steve Bourgeois are pushing hard.

Things are also running extremely tight in Group Four, as Jessen Paulen has moved into first place, but Janne Virtanen and Dave Ostlund, who are tied, are only one point behind.

Group Five: The Jesse Marunde show continues in Chengdu, as he has stayed in first place, and his performance on the Fingal Fingers today is leading to predictions that he might well break the world record in the event in the finals. Although not yet guaranteed a slot, Marunde should lock up a position in the finals tomorrow. Terry Hollands is in second place, and Tarmo Mitt is close behind.

Unfortunately, Mark Philippi, one of only two competitors to make it through all the weights in the squat yesterday, tore both quads in the process, and even though he gamely gave it a shot today, he had to retire from the competition.

Tomorrow is the final day of the qualifying round for the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest. Groups One, Three and Four face off in the Overhead Log Lift for Reps, and then all five groups have at it in the Atlas Stones.

Where is Vasyl Virastyuk?

And thanks for the update.

It’s good to see Marunde in the running.

[quote]Mule359 wrote:
Where is Vasyl Virastyuk?


He’s doing the IFSA World’s instead by contractural mandate.

I know, it sucks.


Here they are, the finalists for the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest:

Jarek Dymek
Dominic Filiou
Ralf Ber
Elbrus Nigamutalin
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Don Pope
Janne Virtanen
Dave Ostlund
Jesse Marunde
Tarmo Mitt

Boris Haraldsson, who finished 1/2 point out of second place in Group Two, is the reserve competitor.

It was a tremendous day with huge crowds, close finishes and blazing times on the Atlas Stones.

The finals begin on October 4.

Virastuyk and Savickas were in the IFSA’s last weekend. Savickas won, and I believe Virastuyk took 2nd. Phil Pfister was the highest american, i believe in 6th.

Sorry, busy this weekend. Here’s yesterday’s, as today’s wasn’t posted on Ironmind yet:

The rave reviews Mariusz Pudzianowski receives from his fellow competitors aren’t based on nothing, and today at the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest, he won both events, not just convincingly, but with the net effect that nobody can catch him tomorrow: Mariusz Pudzianowski has won the 2005 WSM title.

Here are the standings through today:

  1. Mariusz Pudzianowski
  2. Jesse Marunde
  3. Dominic Filiou
  4. Jarek Dymek
  5. Janne Virtanen
  6. Ralf Ber
  7. Don Pope
  8. Tarmo Mitt
  9. Dave Ostlund
  10. Elbrus Nigmatulin

The 2005 MET-RX World’s Strongest Man contest concludes tomorrow, with the Atlas Stones, and in a first, this final event will be broadcast live across China by CCTV5 (the rest of the world will be seeing the shows on the traditional schedule). Huge crowds and tremendous excitement characterized today’s competition, even though it rained in the morning.


Who says you need fancy equipment to get strong?

Who represented the US? Did Josh Thigpen go?


Marunde is from sequim,Washington.

[quote]beefcakemdphd wrote:
Who represented the US? Did Josh Thigpen go?


There were three US representatives, Marunde, Pope, and Ostlund. After the first day of competition, they were ranked 1, 2, and 3. Marunde was second behind Mariusz after the third day, by three points, and has a good shot at staying in second place. This will be the highest placing by an American since, well I don’t know, a long arsed time. Maybe since Kazmier.



This just in!!! Marunde is the highest American finish in years, the latest being pfister’s or perry’s 4th places a few years ago. It’s also the first time I remember 3 americans in the top 10 in a long, long time!!! Not too shabby overall, but who will dethrone Mariusz???

Mariusz Wins the Stones at WSM
Yesterday he locked up the title and today he put the frosting on the cake: in a blazing time, Mariusz Pudzianowski won the final event in the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest. Tarmo Mitt was second in the stones, Dave Ostlund was third, Elbrus Nigmatulin was fourth and Jesse Marunde was fifth. Marunde lost time when he had to reset the first stone, and Jarek Dymek tore a biceps in the event.

Here are the final, official places of the 2005 MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest:

  1. Mariusz Pudzianowski
  2. Jesse Marunde
  3. Dominic Filiou
  4. Jarek Dymek
  5. Janne Virtanen
  6. Tarmo Mitt
  7. Ralf Ber
  8. Don Pope
  9. Dave Ostlund
  10. Elbrus Nigmatulin

Broadcast live, this final event was once again attended by very large, enthusiastic crowds of people who were chanting the competitors?s names - strongman might not have been too well known in China before this, but that has all changed since WSM came to town.

Plus, if you combine these results with the IFSA’s a couple of weeks ago, we arguably have 5 of the top 20 strongmen in the world right now (Pfister and Ortmeyer placed in the top 10 at the IFSA’s)

Man, I feel like Im missing out!!!

Hey Kev , hows Gerard?


[quote]kroc30 wrote:
Plus, if you combine these results with the IFSA’s a couple of weeks ago, we arguably have 5 of the top 20 strongmen in the world right now (Pfister and Ortmeyer placed in the top 10 at the IFSA’s)[/quote]

What happened to guys like Bergmanis, Samuelsson and Karlsen? These were the guys pushing Savickas and Pudz. They at the IFSA as well? Its very unfortunate there cannot be one world champion crowned.