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WSM History


great vid documents 30+ years of WSM








Can't reach Utube but am a big fan of WSM!


yeah solid watched the whole thing very cool,pudz is still my fav and allways will be.


another clip from the early years of strongman.
watch till the end 'cause Kaz does cool finish with the wine glass


Thanks for the clips guys.

Pudz is incredible.


This is some great stuff; perfect motivation for the gym AND it satisfies the historian in me. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this.

Wish I could get this on DVD...


same here....i have been looking but if anyone finds this as a video for sale, please post here and let us know


Brought back alot of memories."wide world of sports" I think.I remember the hack machine with about 15 acrobats sitting on it or somthing like that.What a hoot.Thanks for this vid.
Somebody a few years ago posted talking about getting to go back stage at a competition and went into one of the tents and was shocked at all the junk food.Not what he was expecting at all.One european guy was laughing saying"MackDonald's"Powaaa.HA.Anyone recall that post?