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WSM 2008 Updates Thread

I haven’t seen this thread on here yet, but figured some people might be interested.

As it stands, 5 Americans have made it to the finals, out of 10 spots available. Everyone knew it was going to be a good year for the US, but that’s just rediculous.

In the finals:

Group 1
Derek Poundstone (US, my original pick to win)
Jason Bergmann (US, came from behind for this spot)

Group 2
Phil Pfister (US, 2007 champion, DOMINATED his group)
Sebastian Wenta

Group 3
Tarmo Mitt
Terry Hollands (UK)

Group 4
Mariusz Pudzianowski (4x champ, man to beat)
Aril Haugen (possibly the strongest man at the competition this year)

Group 5
Travis Ortmayer (US, texas stoneman)
Dave Ostlund (US, one of few to beat Ortmayer on stones)

Derek is nursing a twisted ankle but is walking again, and Mariusz may or may not have torn his calf (cow).

Finals start on Friday, I’ll post updates then, unless people want a recount of how the qualifiers went.


How is Pfister looking this year? I’d like to see Wenta take him but I doubt it. (LOL)

If Pudz is sporting a potential injury, that’s not good news - I’m always for him and Wenta because they’re Polish.

Keep us updated.

Pfister is looking massive (375ish according to Barry) and completely dominated his group. He won his group with out even attempting the stone loading event.

Prior to the qualifiers I had Lbstone to take it, but I might have to reconsider after the way Pfister has been taking things on.

The qualifing groups were all stacked and it sounded like there was some killer battles.

Any one of those 10 could honestly win the whole show IMO. Even with the injury, it’s too hard to me to bet against Pudz, guy is just a machine. Very cool to see 5 guys from the states make it to the finals. Both Nee and Shaw just missed as well.


Mariusz looks extra small this year (no that is not me standing next to him).

his arms look a little on the unhealthy side… as in steriods out of control unhealthy lol, measurments at all?

[quote]bignate wrote:
his arms look a little on the unhealthy side… as in steriods out of control unhealthy lol, measurments at all?[/quote]

What? Dude.

Pudz just placed first in powerstairs, a great event for him. I’m pretty sure he usually wins this event.

From Ironmind:
Charleston, West Virginia - Showing that there is good reason to believe in Mariusz Pudzianowski�??s ability to win his fifth World�??s Strongest Man title, the Polish strongman star dominated the field in the first event of this year�??s MET-Rx WSM final.

Pudzianowski easily won his heat and was first place overall, about twelve seconds ahead of Derek Poundstone, who won his heat and finished second overall. Dave Ostlund was third, and Tarmo Mitt and Phil Pfister tied for fourth place, completing 14 steps within the time limit.

Next up is car walk, followed by Fingal Fingers. I’m picking Lbstone to take the fingers after seeing him train and the car walk could be anyones game.

u see those arms? its like bigger than ronnie frickin coleman

Awesome news! I take it he’s not injured then?

After day 1 (three events)

  1. Dave Ostlund 27 points
  2. Phil Pfister 25-1/2 points
  3. Derek Poundstone 24 points
  4. Mariusz Pudzianowski 22 points

Pfister won the car walk.

Ostlund won the fingal fingers

everything is heavier this year. the last finger is 20kilo heavier than last year.

Tommorow is I think Log C&P for reps and car deadlift probably the two worst events for Ostlund and Pfister all though Pfisters overhead seems to be pretty solid as of late. It should be a battle between Marisuz and Poundstone in the Log press.

Sunday is a HEAVY plane pull and stones. The stones are heavier this year as well. The 5th stone is 400lbs.

Look for Haugen to crush the stones. In qualifying he threw them up in 16 seconds. Ridiculous. They looked like beach balls being tossed onto the podiums. Saw Phil beat Mariusz in the Finger’s. Mariusz seems to be hurt. I saw him grimacing in the trainers tent.

One of my good female friends is having dinner with Mariusz this evening. I told her to make sure they go to a crowded restaurant.

I was suprised how short Mariusz is, somewhere around 5’11"

Poundstone seems to be the man to beat.

Phil is a good friend and it would be great to see him win it at home. This will be his last WSM. :frowning:

Deadlift results are in. Lbstone and Pudz tied for first with 10 reps, Ortmayer and Ostland took second with 7 or 8 reps, 6 for Bergmann, 5 for Haugen, 3 for Mitt, and 2 reps for Hollands Wenta and Pfister.

The next events are the log later today, then tomorrow a plane pull and stones. All are good events for Phil, but his low place on the deadlift definitely hurt him, dropping him to fourth. Lbstone can excel on the plane pull and the stones (especially if the pull wears out other contestants, Derek never seems to get tired). Ostlund is still in first, but I’m not sure how great the following events are for him.

[quote]bignate wrote:
u see those arms? its like bigger than ronnie frickin coleman[/quote]

Since when was WSM a vehicle for longevity? What’s the problem?

I’m really hoping the crown stays in Europe. Go MARIUSZ!

i just wish some contests were tested… i like to support natural lifters

[quote]bignate wrote:
i just wish some contests were tested… i like to support natural lifters[/quote]

Then support natural lifters, but don’t bag on those that compete in a non-tested sport. Explain to me how the fuck you exclaiming that Pudz’s arms look unhealthy (is that a fucking medical diagnosis) is helping to support tested athletes?

Anyways, Lbstone won the log. Results from Jackals:

Derek Poundstone has definitely made his move, tying Marisuz in the Deadlift earlier today and beating him in the log lift. The positions have been juggled with Dave Ostlund finding the log lift difficult after a tremendous effort in the deadlift only an hour or less before…he slides from 1st to 3rd. Phil Pfister continues to struggle on day two while fellow Americans Travis Ortmayer and Jason Bergmann made the most of day two, inching themselves closer to a coveted podium finish. With very good truck pullers and stone lifters in the field, day three is going to be interesting!

Reps in the log lift went like this: Poundstone 11, Puzianowski 10, Wenta 8, Ortmayer, Mitt, and Bergman 7, Pfister 6, Haugen 5, Ostlund 4, Hollands 0.

Name Power Stairs Car Walk Fingers Car Deadlift Log Lift Overall
Poundstone 9 8 7 9.5 10 43.5
Pudzianowski 10 6 6 9.5 9 40.5
Ostlund 8 9 10 7.5 2 36.5
Pfister 6.5 10 9 2 4 31.5
Ortmayer 4 7 5 7.5 6 29.5
Wenta 4 5 8 2 8 27
Bergmann 2 4 4 6 6 22
Mitt 6.5 2 1 4 6 19.5
Haugen 4 1 2 5 3 15
Hollands 1 3 3 2 1 10

[quote]bignate wrote:
i just wish some contests were tested… i like to support natural lifters[/quote]

Your arms look unhealthy.

That comment makes as much sense as yours does.

lol, by unhealthy i mean unnatural, i know the wrong place to say it considering we want to see some freaks lift huge ass weights… idk it was just what i felt at the time