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WSM 09


Well it's usually shown on Ch5 over the Christmas period here in the U.K but looking through the guide today I couldn't find it. It looks as though it's on a channel called Bravo which I don't get and will no longer be shown on 5.

This really is shit, does anyone know if this is correct? If so, is there a DVD available yet and where can I get it?


thats funny its on bravo, over in america that channel is big on fashion, and cooking shows.


Yeah Bravo is the gay metro channel.

Its gonna be on espn here.


That is correct and no, no dvd yet. Sorry dude, you gotta make friends with someone who's got bravo and have em DVR it and burn it for you


What? That sucks. WSM is one of the few things I actually enjoy watching over Xmas


Is Bravo not free with a freeview box? I'm pretty sure I get it with mine, just not Bravo +1.

LOL that Bravo is a gay channel in the US. It's all World's Wildest Police Chases and Ninja Warrior and stuff like that over here...and now WSM, obviously.


This sounds like the US version of SPIKE


Yeah they have The Ultimate Fighter on there too, which I think is on SPIKE in the US?


Maybe in Wales it's different, but you don't get Bravo on Freeview in Aberdeen


Sucks big time, I was really looking forward to it, its part of christmas lol I dont get Bravo on freeview either, fuckin channel 5.


guys use google

wsm offical site, wsm 09 airs at 9pm on bravo starting 4th jan


On the 4th Jan dunno what time


Watching the replays now. Still in the final qualifying stages however.
I know the overall results and I must say I'm shocked that Poundstone didn't run away with the title this year, he's tearing the other competitors apart out there.


This is Dereks response about what happened. This is in his thread at RX.

Comments on 2009 WSM - It was a tough group of guys. I was the strongest I've ever been (untill now!!). Not my best group of events and on a few of them it came down to tenths of a second seperating several palcings. The biggest heart breaker was the bann on my deadlift hitch which came about the day before qualifying. I wasn't ahppy about the decision but what can you do. WSM feels its not safe!!
Future Plans - Win the Arnold again. I'm currently holding 340 lbs, not 320 and as far as the events changes, I like them. Since they are making the frame so heavy, I can see why they are dropping the Yoke. Yoke was a great event for me but so are all the other events!!


yeah i caught the finals on ESPN last night, forget about Pudz and Big Z, Poundstone had his hands full fending off Shaw which in the end he couldn't. just wasn't in the cards.

BTW he looks jacked here, not an ounce of fat on him


who did win i saw the first 50 min of the finals one night at like 1 and fell asleep before the final winner?


The fingers are probably my fav. event to watch just cause a lot of people struggle with it so much. That and the deadlifts, I'll never forget when pudz made kevin nee look like a little kid. How did Kevin do this year by the way? I've seen nothing of WSM cause I've been busy with work.


zydrunas savickas won

kevin nee tore his bicep again


Hopefully he can cut all these injuries out cause Kevin has some good potential


yeh hes still so young maybe taking it slower would do him some good, letting some time to let his tendons etc.. adjust to the big weights