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WSM 09!



new website just up.

holy shit, mariuz is coming back for a shot at a 6th and savickas is finaly competing in wsm again! add in poundstone plus a crop of competitors this year which seems better than ever before, this years might turn out to be one of the best competiitons ever!


I saw Jimmy Marku at the powerlifting comp I was at yesterday.

I know this is irrelevant, but concidering how compact he looks on TV, he's a monster in the flesh.


Yes!! I'm so excited!! I wasnt sure if there was going to be one due to Met Rx sponsorship ceasing. Anybody know who picked up the funding for it? I'm just curious.

Sooooo many good competitors!! Anyone have the possible knowledge of knowing if they are still gonna air it over Christmas like usual? I freaking cannot wait!!!


Poundstone all the way!


There is no way that Mariusz will compete without him believing that he will win, so I bet he is going to be in great shape this year as well.

That being said, I still think Poundstone is the favorite. He's got the strength, speed, and conditioning to win it.


yea poundstone is the only guy that seems to be able to compete at the arnold, fortissimus and the wsm and place high in all 3,


Big Z is gonna be awesome to watch too


Martin Wildauer, a T-Nation member, will be there.


there doing a deadlift hold this year...been a few years since they have done somthing so grip based, and mariuz if he has a weakness has been his grip strength, while mark felix holy shitballs that guy has got a grip!


Have you seen his hands? Or did you see him at the GGC?

I could not think of a better person for grip than that man


I dunno how you can say Marku looks "compact" on the TV....


What is the best way to watch this without cable? I used to watch this on some ESPN channel but don't have access to that anymore.


Eh, Big Z is a 6 time arnold champ and Fortissimus champ and runner up, he just hasn't done the WSM in quite a few years. He'll have no problem placing high in this meet.

Poundstone has been training for this big time though. This years field is completely stacked, the only real absences are Misha (bicep injury) and Robert Schezpanski (didn't receive invite). LPJ is also out since he didn't win CSM this year, but regardless, this will be a great contest.


so who do you have to win? i see poundstone doing it by probably less than a point


Money is still on Pudzian, but we'll see.


It's Szczepanski.

Just thought I'd point that out as we have exactly the same name. Maybe one day I'll get to compete against him...


Yep. I saw him a while ago round the corner from my house and he looked huge! I couldn't believe how big he was because on TV you can't help compare him to the others, most of which are bigger than him.

Did you know he is sponsored by myprotein.co.uk?


I'm gonna be rooting for Kevin Nee. Met him once, he's a great guy and I really hope he wins it.



You all might have forgotten how close he was to winning last time he competed. I hope he wins this year. What a young guy too.


I'm rooting for Poundstone and Nee, I would love to see America bring it home this year.