WSFSB Question

Hey guys I have a question I recently put my brother on west side for skinny bastards and so far he is loving it.

My question is how often or when should I have him rotate the execises on max effort days and the repetition days?

Hi! One way to do the rotation is this way:

Rotate exercises every 2-4 weeks depending on how experienced the lifter is.
A test is to let the lifter use the same exercise and see if he increases his lift every week. After some weeks the lifter usually declines in the lift, due to CNS burn out. This will give you and indication on how often you need to rotate exercises.

Week 1 300 lbs
Week 2 310 lbs
Week 3 315 lbs
Week 4 305 lbs

The lifter should rotate exercise every 3 weeks.

Rotate repetition exercises with max effort exercises.

PS. An inexperienced lifter usually doesn’t need to rotate exercises as often as an experienced lifter.

No way,

Rotate them every week or every two weeks at the most. You’re right about inexperienced lifters needing to rotate exercises less, but it doesn’t apply to the max effort days. Lifters at WSBB have found that the CNS burnout happens after 2 weeks and the best gains occur if you rotate them every week.

I know WSFSB is not a PURE Westside program, but the max effort days are the same and conjugate method is very similar; it still applies.

Thats what I was wondering about not the supplementary lifts but, the max effort ones because its either deadlifts or squats so every 1-2 weeks is good?

I believe Defranco mentioned changing every two weeks (or up to every 4). If it wasn’t in the article, you can check his website for the answer.

Tend to disagree with Fezzik on this one. Inexperienced lifters can rotate every two - three weeks. If they were to rotate every time, their nervous systems could never truly adapt to the lift in a positive sense; i.e. mastering the recruitment pattern of the proper motor fibers for a given movement.

Here’s the quote from Joe D himself:
“I recommend rotating your max-effort exercise every two to three weeks to prevent your nervous system from getting burned out. Whether you shoot for a 3-rep max or a 5-rep max, the goal is to break your previous record every week!”

Poliquin has written about the absolute most advanced lifters adapting to a movement in one workout, but these were Olympic level lifters and that was the exception, not the rule. Hope this helps.

I read on one of his Q&A’s that Joe Defranco actually kept a beginner on a ME lift for 12 straight weeks. The kid kept setting personal records each week so why change?

The Westside guys are all advanced lifters. Beginners can stay on the same lift for longer periods. I know I’ve had good success with 3-4 weeks on a lift.

Don’t mean to resurrect old posts, but this is exactly what I’m wondering about. I’m currently making good progress on my deadlift and bench press, which are my max effort lifts. However, I’m coming up to my first rotation. I want to keep doing these two lifts and not rotate until I reach a point where I stop making progress. So, you’re saying that’s totally fine?

As a follow up, the only other max effort upper body lift I can do is close grip bench press. All the other lifts require something that I can’t do at my gym. Is it fine if I’m just rotating between those two all the time. I’d be doing a similar thing on lower body max effort lift, where I’m rotating just between front squats and deadlifts.

Although, I could toss in box front squats for a bit of variety. Essentially, what I’m asking is if it’s okay to rotate between two exercises or should the rotation go through a number of different exercises?