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WSFSB: Band Bench Pressing


I have a question with band bench pressing. Since it is harder to recover from I used it on ME upper body and then in rep upper body I used the rest pause method band bench press(close grip,,index grip,medium grip and normal grip with 3 reps on each grip and I did not go to failure but bearly did.

Also on supplemental lift on ME i did max reps to failure with chain drop set pushups 3sets. Do you guys recommend something else or change it a little bit? I used band on ME and rep day. Now after 2 weeks i swich back to bodybuilding phase but do you think the top thing was a mistake? I did all that in a week so i used band 2 times a week.


How advanced are you in lifting? I wouldn't be using bands that much if your just starting out.


3 years of working out.


If you meant my "strong advanced" I am 16. I bench 315 1 or 2 times. box squat like 415. Trapbar dead lift 445 3 times.