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WSFSB 2 vs WSFSB 3 for Conditioning and Speed Training

Which would you consider better for speed training and conditioning? I realized that WSFSB 2 has a lot more volume and bicep work but a little less sprinting volume. Does that mean that I can do more bicep work for WSFSB 3 while still doing the same volume of work for triceps? I would also like to do strongman conditioning using WSFSB 3.

Monday: Max effort upper body
Tuesday: speed training
Wesnday: Off
Tursday: Max effort lower and conditioning with prowler
Friday: Off
Sad: condtioning with football drills.

That is what it woud look like if I did the specifc version of it on the defranco site. I would like to use strongman training or at least flip a tire. I was thinking of using the tire as a max effort and take off conditioning with the prowler. Also doing dynanamic squating on its own day on wesnday and moving ME lower body on friday. This to me seems reseamble but I do not understand why WSFSB 3 has a lot more volume and they do sprints and have dynamci squat day and still have a whole day to have strongman conditioning not just flipping a tire like i decided to do. Any idea why?