Looking to add more GPP work into training and looking for idea’s

Anything that requires moving under load.
Anything that makes you breath hard for an extended period of time.

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On the real though, what do you currently do? Do you just want to change it up?

What tools/devices do you have access to?

Sled, prowler, tires, bowling ball pins, sledge hammers, farmers walks, wheel barrow, backpack, chains, ropes, sand bags, stone bags?

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Prowler (push and/or drag)
Hill sprints/regular sprints
Bike/Airdyne/Assault bike
KB swings
Skipping rope
Battle rope
Carries (keg, sandbag, stone, famers handles, trapbar, wife, etc)
Bunch of high rep bodyweight stuff
Throwing/shouldering/over shouldering stuff repeatedly
Ladder/cone drills
Sledge hammers

Basically whatever you can come up with… Yoke. Okay probably not yoke unless it is really light

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Some of these as finishers…



I currently just do farmer walks in a trap bar on my heavy squad day but looking to add more.

med balls

GPP is general physical prepardness, which to me just means the ability to recover from your sport in the amount of time needed so that you can consistently perform.

So for powerlifters that means being able to do 9 lifts in 5-8 hours.

Oddly enough it’s the ones with the best GPP that do better at long meets, something about taking all day when you have shit GPP gives the fatigue time to set in. Anyhow onto the topic at hand.

Push, pull, press, curl, extend the sled. 20 minutes up to 30. Add time or weight.

Ropes - do battle ropes for intervals, do ropes for pulling a sled for distance

Med balls, so med ball slams, wall slams, over shoulder toss and sprint.

Or my personal favorite just walking. If you can walk briskly for half an hour, you’re in plenty of good shape. Just find something that makes you winded, then do it until it doesn’t make you winded then find a way to make it harder so you get winded again and repeat.


all very insight full, I have been doing sled pushes and farmer walks with a trap on squat days and looking to add more days into the gym

Just don’t over do it.

Small time of extra work adds up.

Would Olympic Lifts fall under this?

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