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WSBB for Skinny Bastards for Bulking


Ive been bulking since october and I seem to have hit a plateau in the past 3-4 weeks. Ive heard here and there that some have used the WSBB for skinny bastards program with a good deal of success to bulk. Anyone have any experience with this or care to comment?


Eating large with any program with the use of heavy weights will make you gain body mass. It really does not come down to switching to a new program but more your diet.

What are your stats, current training program, and diet? What are your short and long term goals?


Im 6'2" 190, up about 15 pounds from when i started in october. I've been doing alot of 5x5 with my compound lifts and a more hypertrophic rep range (8-10) with my isolation and supplemental lifts. My diet isn't very thought out, just a whole lot of everything (not fast food, ice cream, and candy, but you get the point). I've been taking in about 3500 to 4000 calories a day.


Why not start focusing on your diet then? Seems a bit more important than changing your routine.

If your stuck why not add 250-500 calories a day and see what happens.


I agree he should definitely focus on his diet and seeing how he responds from there. However, slowly progressing the volume used on your primary movements should be your biggest focus training wise.


You're gonna plateau at some point. Maybe it's only for a week or two here and there, but it happens to everybody. If you start losing weight you may have a problem, but til then bump up cals or maybe just protein and see what happens after a week or two.