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WSBB Conjugate till I Die

ME Upper

Floor Press - Paused
335x1 - 30lb PR

Pulls Ups: -100lb x5 -120lb @3x5
Press Down Bar: 82.5@4x10
Hammer Curls:35@4x10
Reverse Fly: 22.5@4x10

Friday went to my chiro once again, and have to hold off on any Shrugs for the next two months to allow the rest of my right side to catch up.

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Nice PR!

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Nice work mate. Your pressing seems to be coming along nicely.

Thanks, now it’s time to keep pushing the training and couple other different variations to see if it will help develop it even more.

Yeah, finally I have made it past my plague of bench fails. I think developing all my weaknesses have helped.

ME Lower
Box Squat
515x1- 25lb PR

GHR: 70@4x10
Leg Curls: 50@4x10 - need to hit these more often
Behind Pull Downs 120@4x10
Side Bends 55@4x10

Note: there was a big distraction that decided to take the rack in front of me. So it was a bit slower than I liked.


DE Upper


Assistance Work
BB Rows: 135 @4x10
Dips: -100lb @2x10 -120lb @2x10
Hammer Curls: 35 @4x10
Side Laterals: 25 @4x10

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I’m doing conjugate work myself, although it’s more geared towards bodybuilding as opposed to pure strength. Just wanted your opinion on the following and if it seems too much:

Incline DB’s
Incline flies

Close grip BP/JM press
Tricep roll-backs

BB row

That’s what I had laid out for today. I typically always involve two lat movements everyday to keep bringing up lat strength and growth as well as hammering the triceps since they grow slow on me.

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Once I reach year 3 in training, I will be following suit to fill out in my weight class more.

The rule of thumb usually is:

Main lift
2 Supplemental -> Lats and Triceps -heavier weights for 5x5 -> this will really help you grow on lats
Assistance work-> 3-4 exercises to help grow

in this case of your exercises I would take out one from both the upper chest and triceps and split the lat work.

Example for Today:
Main Lift: Bench
Supplementary: Pull Ups & Close Grip
Assistance: BB Rows, Press Downs, Incline flies

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Thank you sir!

ME Upper

Black Band Reverse Bench
425x1 Just set PR for this variation

Assistance Work
BB Rows
Press Downs
Reverse Flys

Since classes started monday was not sure how this would work out for the week of training. I now know how the training sessions will be layed out for the week.

Friday - ME Upper
Sunday - ME Lower
Monday - DE Upper
Wed - DE Lower

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ME Lower

Rack Pulls
475x1 - Beltless PR
545x1 - 20lb PR

Assistance Work
Leg Extensions
Behind Pull Downs
Side Bends

I will be now testing rack pulls every 8 weeks and with that being said on the 4th week I will be doing a DL variation that is not Rack Pulls. On top of that GM’s will always be done on ME days and DE days will be rotating through the others.

I will also be adding 8x3’s for the DL after the 5 week cycle of variations to add another 3 weeks to closely match the other lifts.