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WSB/WS4SB Template Help



I've been training for a few years but never used the WSB style and think that it looks good for me as an athlete. I'm a MMA style athlete and have a competition on the 24th and want to start WS on the monday after that's over because i won't have to worry about weight cutting. I've been training HFT style up till recently when I went to more HD: edurance style w/ the sand bags.

I also love the oly's and made space for them. invaluable for me. Do they qualify as part of my DE day or am I pissing in the wind here?

Now with WS I want to do an athlete modification so i can still train MMA. So I saw the WS4SB and decided On something like that. I don't think triceps are as important for me as they would be for PL's. I also am not likley to do much heavy leg work because my legs get wacky huge fast and It's hard for me to get them down to functional size to weigh in for comps. Leg mass seems to weigh lots so I stick to explosive power for the legs. I'd like to keep it to 1 leg day like in WS4SB if possible.

Let me know if you think my excersizes/days should be different. Any advice is fine, I just assume some of you have a bit of experience w/ this.

Day1 - ME upper body (likely tues)
Dips: work to 2 doubles 1 single
Bent over rows: 5x5
Push press: 4x7
Close grip chins: 3x8

Day2 - Lower body day (thursday)
Deadlifts: work to 3 doubles
Clean: 10 sets of explosive/dynamic singles
Snatch: 10 sets of exposive/dynamic singles
Single leg squats: 3x8

Day3 - RE upper body (Sunday)
1 arm push up: 5 sets of as many as possible on each arm
Pull up: 3 sets of max rep
Barbell single arm snatch: 3x max rep
Wrist roller: 5 x 10 heavy reps

I get most ab training in during sport specific training and don't want to blast them because it may hinder my BJJ performance. let me know if im on the right track. thanks in advance.


I wouldn't do dips as a ME exercise. Also, I highly doubt your legs are going to get huge to the point where they're not functional. I would do a squat or GM variation for ME and do deadlifts for DE.



Remember that for the RE day, every set is not designed to be a true "max rep" set. The first two you should leave one or two "in the tank" and then go all out on the third set. This is according to one of DeFranco's Q&A's.


If you're an MMA fighter, you should check out the articles by Chad Waterbury. He has a strength training routine and an endurance routine that you do 3x a week posted on the site.


I'm working WS4SB II for hockey, and if I subbed a repitition lower body day for the repitition upper body day, would my legs likely be overtrained?


What else are you doing lower-body wise?


Max effort leg day Tuesday
Energy system work Monday AM and Weds.

Hockey for 3 hours a week.


Actually I have been doing CW's HD: endurance 2x per week recently and intend to keep it at maybeonce per week. I was just thinking that after competing I would like some more "base" strength and would like to try out the WSB style of training.

Since I train in the garage I don't have access to some exercizes. But WSB seems to be pretty adaptable.


Yeah I was just checking elitefts and decided to get into some zercher GM's. You'd be surprised how heavy my legs get. Hopefully I will be able to weigh in under 170 next season if I maintain some sledding and keep reducing BF%.


I have two leg workouts per week when I'm dieting. You'll be fine.



Alright, alright you've convinced me bear. I'll do the smolov squat program. jk. Yeah I'm gonna keep the GM's and all my unilateral work (pistols etc). The GM's should give me the huge bubble ass. Thanks to much for the help. I can't wait to start and get off this weighing down crap. Stupid running.



That's a lot of leg work- 6ish hours or so per week? I did this program during my fall season (I play volleyball in college) which was 2-3 practices per week and I only went with the one lifting day for legs. Saw some good strength gains. I don't think I could've handled a rep day but maybe you could.

If you feel you need some extra work, maybe start with adding one extra leg exercise in your RE upper body day and go from there.