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WSB tolerant gyms in NYC metro?


Anyone know any other than asphalt green and/or Iron Island?


There's Renegade Barbell Club in Jersey. Not sure of any in NY though. Renegade has everything you need for westside training. Check out the Renegade Barbell website for info.


Iron Island in Rockville Center....


Well yeah, Iron Island is THE place, but I was wonderin' about others...



I checked out Renegade's site a few weeks ago. Do you work out there? If you do, any feedback on how it has worked for you there? When my gym membership is up in April I want to head to WSB oriented gym and Renegade is not too far from me.


oops, i didnt see you mentioned Iron Island in your original thread....sorry.


Hey, let's keep the eye on the prize.

EliteFTS gymfinder is down, any gyms in the 5 bororughs not adverse to bands/chains w/ GHR?


Renegade is fully equipped with everything you need for westside training. 2 elitefts racks, reverse hyper, ghr, bands, chains, boxes, boards, texas dl bar, cambered bar, safety squat bar, sleds, ironmind grip tools, etc.There are groups of 10-20 guys who train westside stlye together, the music is loud, theres chalk everywhere, and people work their asses off. The competition and camaraderie is great and everyone becomes a team/ family member. Cant wait for you to come check it out, I think you'll love it.