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WSB: Strong & Explosive Chin-ups?


Is it possible to use the WSB training method for chin ups? The goal would be to improve the max. strength in chin ups with additional resistance and the velocity of the movment when chin ups are performed with body weight!


yes.....did you really need to ask


Yes because I do not know what exercises I should use to conjugate?


James Smith, one of the staff over at Elite FTS, created a pullup program based on the Westside Method for someone testing for the Rangers or Seals or something.

It's posted on his website: power development inc



Use the Chin/Pull-up (various grips) as your max effort exercise.


do a search, i wrote a sample progam for this on like 3-4 different threads...

i can do a pullup with about 25lbs shy of bodyweight...


Are you in the military? Why do you need to do this? i think you would be fine just doing a few reps and sets a couple times a week and slowly improve.