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WSB for dumbell clean and press.

I know that this is on the looking good naked forum but when I originally posted this up this forum didnt exist.

I figured that this was a better place to post it so here goes.

Do any of you use dumbell clean and presses? If you do what kind of weights are you lifting?

I enjoy doing them and have worked up to two 75lb dumbells for a few reps(1 clean and 3 presses). I can get 80lb when doing just one dumbell though it is quite tough.

Im curious as I want to know if what Im lifting is decent amount for my size (180lb) and if any of you have any good advice for increasing your overhead pressing.

I forgot to actually tag on the question!!!

What I really want to know is how I could apply WSB ideas to this lift. What would be good choices for DE day and ME day?

Im pretty clear on the system but just not sure on what would be good alternate exercises.

i think they use it to build up the back musculature…ive ready they do them seated for this purpose…

It’s not used for ME, but rather a rep exercise for the rear delts and rhomboids.

The dumbell clean is use to build the muscles of the back they are usually done in the 4-8 reps range…they do not add in the press often as it can be hard on the shoulders of a powerlifter…big m

spiderman, for the dumbell clean and press, simply work on a regular barbell overhead press as the main lift for the westside program. It will translate to a bigger DB clean and press for sure.

Here’s a post from Big Martin in another thread about working the overhead press via WSB:

"you have to remember though that even if you plan to use westside template for diffirent lifts (overhead press) …you still must have several movements to go along with 1 specific movement your planning on working on…if not and you do max effort millitary press for 4 weeks straight your cns will be fried…my idea for this would be do it over a 8 week period and pick movements for the over head press…1. log press…2. over head 4 inch pin lock outs…3. clean and press in the power rack…4. dumbell millitary press for 3x20…i would alternate these movements for your max effort work and stick to the EXACT MOVEMENT (barbell push prees for example)you plan tomax out on dynamic day using the dynamic guidelines…i hope this helps…big martin "

Thats great fat panda. Thanks alot.

So the best thing to do would use the dumbell clean and press as my dynamic effort movment and then rotate exercise on the max effort day and draw them from a pool of 4 or 5 similar exercises.

Barbell push press, seated military press, 1 arm bent press, see saw press and dumbell push press sound like good options?

Spider man you got it…big m

I am doing the same thing with the DB clean and press. I use DB incline press for my max movement.

Seems like it, but the half presses would do wonders for overhead pressing, and make if you eat, give you a much more “fuller” tricep.

These responses have been very helpful. Thankyou one and all!! As for the half press I will try to incorporate those in on max effort days also.

Again, thanks.

I read an article on the Elite web site and they talked about using a wave on speed days where over the course of 6 weeks one would wave from 50%-60% of their projected one rep max for 8 sets of 3 for their chosen movement (in my case d.bell clean and press).

Is it as simple as it reads or is their more to it? Do I just increase the weight each workout steadily over the 6 week period, retest my max on M.E day at the end and then start a new 6 week cycle with a new projected max from which I take my new 50%-60% range?

Thanks in advance.

spiderman, you need to read more carefully. The wave on dynamic day is for the bench and the squat. its not for other exercises. its especially not for a db clean and press.

The reason I ask Goldberg is because Im trying to apply WSB principles to help improve my overhead d.bell press( I want to clean and press two 100lb dumbells for reps) and so I figured I would follow what Bob Jodoin wrote in his article, Westside and the Log Press.

On the DE day he recommends band log presses for 10 sets of 3. He then says that the weight used should be waved from 50%-60%.

If he recommends band log presses as the DE exercise for a workout that is designed to improve ones log press then, following the same logic, would I not substitute the d.bell clean and press for the log press if that is what I would like to focus on primarily?

If thats not what I should be doing could you point me in the right direction as I am quite the novice in this area.

why do you want to be able to do that?

On a different note, maxing out with dumbbells overhead does not seems smart to me. Just work on overhead strength and you should be fine.

your going in the right direction i know a lot of strongmen competitiors here in indy that use wsb methods to improve specific events…i would take goldbergs advice and be carefully with the dumbell work…why not just go with the clean and press with a barbell?..big m

The truth is that I read an Old Sig Klein article about the old time strong men and he talked about how the d.bell clean and press was a staple exercise for them. He said that 100lb per hand for 10 reps was considered super strong back in the day. For some reason the idea just stayed in my mind and I couldnt get it out.

Why do think that I should stay away from the d.bell version and focus on the b.bell instead?

Maybe because its more dangerous. duh. Its very unstable. Factor in fatigue and you have a recipe for disaster.

Cool. So i will just go fot the various barbell options and use the dumbell clean and press once every 6-8 weeks to test my new max as this is the exercise I most want to improve.

Despite your sacrcastic “duh” comment the concept of dumbell overhead presses being more dangerous and unstable had not escaped me. The reason I asked was that I thought that maybe there was another reason as to why you would favour barbells over dumbells. Seeing as you know much more than I do in regards to this style of training I wondered if you were suggesting barbells presses because of some greater return for the effort put in.

Cheers for all the help Big M, Fat Panda and G.Berg. I will see how it goes from here.

P.S I think that you might consider using “Doh” instead of “Duh” when you are trying to be funny Golberg as it seems to work for Homer Simpson and you do bear a strinking resemblence…

Actually i look more like the guy who hangs out at the bar.