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WSB & Booster Shots?


Hello, i'm following WSB template (4-day)
and i'd like to add the hypetrophy boosers chad was talking about.

Monday: ME Squat
Wed: ME Bench
Fri: RE Squat
Sun: RE Bench

Booster 1: Upper back + Biceps
Booster 2: Lats + Chest

Where should I put them ? (AM PM ORDER)
on lower body days ?


I'm pretty sure CW wants them on any of your off days but only having 1 day of rest might be a bad idea. Then again that was the whole point of the article (train more often). If you do decide to put them on the same days as your training do it later in the day with at least 6 hours in between.


If I remember the article correctly, it is preferrably in the AM for the booster shots, and regular workouts in the PM. It makes no sense to add them on your off days. They are off days for a reason. The plan is to get the athlete to increase volume and frequency without compromising recovery. Eliminating off days is suicide.


I eliminated a lot of off days by adding in the booster with The Art of Waterbury and Chad said it looked good. Now I do 3 days on, one off.


Are you sure you need them? Judging by the fact that you're using a day dedicated to the repetition method rather than the dynamic method suggests you're not an advanced lifter.

Remember, one of the corner stones of westside lifting is have 72 hours of recovery time between workouts. Also, the point of using a split like this is to maximize performance in each workout. Guys like Louie and Chuck do close to 14 workouts a week, but they spent a long time working up to that work capacity.

If anything, I would place the extra workouts the same day as your upper body days, later in the day. The boosters are a good type of recovery workout, but I would choose one muscle you're looking to work specifically (generally for westside, triceps or hamstrings) and one muscle you're looking to speed recovery for. Also for recovery movements, try to find things without an eccentric phase (sled work, medicine balls, etc.).

When Bob Youngs first went to westside (with a 1450 total), Louie had him do only 3 exercises per day. The trick is to achieve the proper volume for the main exercises. Go to the elite fitness webpage (Dave Tate's webpage) and read Jim Wendler's beginner mistakes articles.

I'm not trying to say that extra workouts are bad, but the 1st lift on your ME day, and the first lifts on your Repetition method day will account for an overwhelming portion of your gains, so do anything you can to support these days.


Well, sometimes the Squat RE is actually SE... but i'm only doing it because im very fast and just need strength and size...
I jump 42" and my full squat is only about 290 (205 BW 6'3")deadlift 400.

My legs are big.. very big, I just need some mass on my arms and back to look better... they are hard to grow...
if I want to improve 1 muscle- its BICEPS!!! so just throw in a 100 rep bicep movement 5 hours after my bench workout ?

Anyway I know what you mean, this is what i do for ME Squat/dead

  1. ME SLGM
  2. Snatch dead 5x6\6x5\7x4\8x3
  3. ABS
  4. Grip


If you're looking to add some mass to your back you can try working horizontal pulling movements on upper body day and vertical pulling movements on legs days so you're essentially lifting back 4 times a week. Usually I'd do heavy rows on bench day, and 12-15 rep pull downs on legs. Your milage may vary, but I've never had problems with overtraining doing this.

100 rep sets 5 hours after the workout for arms should work fine. I read an article by Dave Tate or Jim Wendler recommending high rep band push downs. These are nice because the band takes care of the eccentric portion for you, and they're tough because you don't have the advantage of better leverage at the end of the lift. They probably work the same for curls.