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WS4SOB Westside for Slightly Overweight Bastards

A few years ago, I became bored with my team’s football workouts and did some research into Westside methods. I ended up designing my own Westside for football workout that was tremendously successful.

This was actually before I found out about Defranco’s adaptation, WS4SB, but the resulting program was strikingly similar with some key differences; most notably my program included plyos and some conditioning using the dynamic method with squats.

Those two are actually ideas I got from the time I went over to Westside Barbell and talked to them about my program. My results were pretty great, but that’s not what this log is about.

I am done with my whole football career now, and I would like to lean out. My problem is that I don’t want to lose strength or speed or athleticism, and I don’t think I should have to, at least to a certain extent.

I will incorporate dynamic methods and max effort methods into a workout designed for fat loss.


Sunday: Off

Monday: Total Body ME Day (Max Effort)

Tuesday: Off (For now… if progress stalls or if I start feeling great on this day I will add in a short circuit or something of the like)

Wednesday: SET (Special Exercise and Tabata) Day

Thursday: Dynamic Lower Body Day

Friday: Dynamic Upper Body Day

Saturday: Off (For now…)


This is the meat and potatoes day. I think a lot of workouts designed to burn fat only focus on creating/increasing EPOC, so I think this is pretty important. Rest periods should be short (around 60-90s) for everything except ME exercises. These should have full recovery.

Exercise 1: ME Lower Body
These should be difficult but not strenuous–leave one in the tank so to speak. Choose one exercise and use it for a three week wave. Good exercises include front squats, lunges, back squats, or step ups.
Week 1 - 3 sets of 4
Week 2 - 3 sets of 3
Week 3 - 3 sets of 2

Exercise 2: ME Upper Body
Same instructions as Lower Body. Good exercises include all bench variations including dumbbell, floor press, board press, and weighted pullups.
Week 1 - 3 sets of 4
Week 2 - 3 sets of 3
Week 3 - 3 sets of 2

Exercise 3: Supplemental Lower Body
Using the same exercise as ME Lower Body, continue with,
Week 1 - 3 sets of 8-10
Week 2 - 3 sets of 7-9
Week 3 - 3 sets of 6-8

Exercise 4A and 4B: Supplemental Upper Body Superset
Choose two exercises and perform them in superset fashion. These should be compound movements that address weaknesses. For instance, for someone with a weak back, choose pullups and face pulls. Good exercises are pullups, chinups, presses, pull overs, weighted pushups, flies, reverse flies, rows, etc.
Week 1 - 3 supersets of 8-10
Week 2 - 3 supersets of 7-9
Week 3 - 3 supersets of 6-8

Choose two exercises. One should be weighted and one should be bodyweight. I am really liking cable crunches and reverse crunches (in the style of Mike Robertson/Eric Cressey) with hips never going past 90 degrees. Other good exercises could be medicine ball crunches, serratus crunches, etc.
Week 1 - 3 sets each of 15
Week 2 - 3 sets each of 12
Week 3 - 3 sets each of 10

Cool Down:
A 10-15 minute walk to help cool the body down. It keeps the blood flowing, and helps reduce muscle soreness.

SET Day:
This is a day for specialization. This work is strictly supplemental, so choose either a lagging muscle group or choose something you need to work on and do 1-3 exercises.

For instance, someone with poor shoulders could do face pulls or scare crows. Someone with a lagging chest could do flies.

After specialization do a tabata method lift (front squats or thrusters are great) 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes.

Cool Down Walk

Ab work (I like planks on this day. For some reason they are especially grueling after tabata)
So maybe
Front 60s x 2
Side 60s x 2

Note here: I don’t really like weighted planks because although I think the plank is great for stability, there are better ways to load your abs in my opinion!

Dynamic Effort Leg Day

This day I really wanted to start with some some exercise that emphasize quickness with low volume. My thought process being that an athlete could maintain quickness if he worked on it once a week. After that, he can focus on burning off some fat.

Exercise 1 and 2:

Choose two exercises that emphasize quickness. Perform the more complex lift first of the two. There are literally tons of exercises that fit in here; this day could be even be done entirely outside.

Good exercises are:
Dynamic box squat
Box jumps
Stair jumps
Depth Drops
Depth Jumps
Dynamic step ups
Weighted Squat Jumps
Hurdle Hops
Single leg bounds
Medicine ball toss
Short Sprints (resisted, assisted, free)
Olympic Variations (eg hang pull/clean/snatch)

Exercise 3:
This should be a dynamic exercise done with short rest periods to create EPOC. Previous exercises are mostly appropriate except for high coordination exercises.
Good exercises:
Dynamic box squat
Box jumps (On small boxes - Timed)
Dynamic step ups
Weighted Squat Jumps
Hurdle Hops
Medicine ball toss with a sprint to catch up to the ball
Repeat Sprints (resisted, free, not assisted)
Easier Olympic Variations (eg hang pull)

Then a short walk to cool off.

Oh, and a note. I really like dynamic box squats for conditioning. It should not be done too often because it is taxing, but I used them a lot when I was training for football. If you drop rests down to about 30 seconds, and do 20-30 sets of 2, then it can simulate a really long football drive. Think about it; it’s about 6 seconds of explosive work followed by a 30 second rest!

Dynamic Effort Upper Body Day

Exercise 1: Dynamic Bench
Week 1: 50% of Max - 10 sets of 3
Week 2: 55% - 9 sets of 3
Week 3: 60% - 8 sets of 3

Exercise 2,3,4,5: Circuit
Choose 3-4 compound upper body exercises to perform in a circuit.
4-5 Total Rounds
Rep range: 8-12

Cool Down Walk


Monday 08/04/08

Front Squat

  • Built up to a 3 rep max
  • 3 x 6

Cable Chest Flies (I have always had a weak chest, so I decided to prefatigue)

  • 3x12

Flat BB Bench

  • Built up to a 3 rep max

Pull ups

  • 6 x 10 (Wide, medium, parallel grip, then repeat)

Cable Ab Crunches

  • 3 x 12

Serratus Crunches

  • 3 x 12

Tuesday 08/05/08

Did some HIIT on the erg.
60 Hard
120 Light

5 sets @ 15 min. total.

As far as supplements go, I am pretty low on funds right now, so I am not taking many supplements. But I am taking

-Fish oils
-Flax seeds

Here is a list of supplements I would buy if I had the money in order of preference.

-Surge (or at least some whey for post workout)
-Carbolin 19


4 Super Sets (giant sets?) of Incline Bench, T-Bar Rows, dumbbell press, and Face Pulls

Tabata with front squats, and they beat the hell out of me


Today I went out and did dynamic stuff in a field

Warmed up (Stair runs, lunges, some form running drills)

6 Vertical jumps

MB Toss and sprint
10 Forward
10 Backward

6 30-Yard Hill Runs
30s rest between each

6 20-Yard Hill Runs
15s rest

I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now, and I am liking my results, but I would like to speed them up. My weight has been remaining constant, but I have been looking better and better. I might try adding in some aerobic work but am hesitant.

I am scared of muscle wasting, but something tells me I shouldn’t be. Let’s be honest; how much could 15-30 minutes of light aerobics in the morning hurt?

And since I never ever do cardio, I am pretty sure it would have a huge effect. Also, the finish line for this was back to school, so it might be time to start pulling out all the stops.

Thoughts? I’m not sure how many people check this out, but if you do, I would appreciate some feedback.


Oh and my periworkout nutrition has been a bit goofy lately, but I found some gummy bears in my house that are mainly corn syrup (not HFCS) and dextrose. Corn syrup is just glucose I am pretty sure. Anyway, I have been using those periworkout with some chicken or turkey right before and after workout.

Sidenote: It’s ridiculous how few gummy bears it takes to get a full serving (30g of carbs)

Shoot i got way behind on posting…

Dynamic Bench

Pullups-Wide, Medium
Chin ups- Medium, Narrow
Parallel Grip

Fx Shoulder Press

Pullups SS with

Face Pulls


I think these ME sets of 3 should be about 90% of 3RM. Busting your balls too hard just takes too much out of you IMO.


Flat Bench


Bow and Arrow Incline Bench

BO Row


Exact repeat of previous Wednesday

4 Super Sets (giant sets?) of Incline Bench, T-Bar Rows, dumbbell press, and Face Pulls

Tabata with front squats, and they beat the hell out of me

-I am really dreading these workouts as they come… maybe I should ease up on the Tabata?


Outside workout

-Started with a full warm up
Lunges, leg swings, accelerating sprints, etc

-10 Vertical Jumps with 20s rest

-5 Sets of 2- Full Squat heave (squat with a 18 lb MB and throw straight up) - 30s rest

-5 Sets of 2 - Seated Squat Heave (same as before but start seated) - 30s rest

-6 Forward Toss and Run - 30s rest

1:00 rest

-6 Forward Toss and Run - 30s rest

2:00 rest

-5 20-yd hill sprints (maybe 25 degree incline) - 30s rest

2:00 rest

-5 20-yd hill sprints - 30s rest

Used some pre-fatiguing today…

Cable Crossovers

Dynamic Bench

Pullup Circuit like Last Friday

Fx DB Press

Pullups SS with (Wide, Medium, Md Chin)